Zuckerberg Takes Jabs at Apple’s High-Priced Vision Pro Headset: ‘No Magical Solutions’ That Meta Hasn’t ‘Already Explored’ | instastori.com

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Apple this week announced Vision Pro, its augmented-reality and VR headset priced astatine a cool $3,500, seven times nan value of Meta’s upcoming Quest 3 headset.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, apparently, was not blown distant by nan Apple reveal.

“From what I’ve seen initially, I’d opportunity nan bully news is that there’s nary benignant of magical solutions that they person to immoderate of nan constraints connected laws and physics that our teams haven’t already explored and thought of,” Zuckerberg told labor astatine an all-hands gathering Thursday, per a report by nan Verge.

Apple’s Vision Pro will usage a higher-resolution show than Meta’s Quest 3, Zuckerberg noted. The Vision Pro will present 23 cardinal pixels crossed 2 displays, much pixels for each oculus than a 4K TV. However, pinch nan high-end show “and each nan exertion they put successful location to powerfulness it, it costs 7 times more” than a Quest 3, slated to vessel successful nan autumn of 2023, and “requires truthful overmuch power that now you request a artillery and a ligament attached to it to usage it. They made that creation tradeoff and it mightiness make consciousness for nan cases that they’re going for,” Zuckerberg said.

Zuckerberg continued, “We innovate to make judge that our products are arsenic accessible and affordable to everyone arsenic possible, and that is simply a halfway portion of what we do. And we person sold tens of millions of Quests.”

A bigger quality betwixt Apple and Meta’s attack to VR and AR is that “our imagination for nan metaverse and beingness is fundamentally social,” Zuckerberg said. (Apple’s announcement included nary mention of “the metaverse”). Meta’s imagination is “about group interacting successful caller ways and emotion person successful caller ways” and “also astir being progressive and doing things,” according to Zuckerberg. “By contrast, each demo that [Apple] showed was a personification sitting connected a sofa by themselves. I mean, that could beryllium nan imagination of nan early of computing, but, like, it’s not nan 1 that I want.”

During his 15-minute address, Zuckerberg besides said astir “tough decisions” successful making wide layoffs astatine Meta — totaling astir 21,000 jobs cut. “I want america to usage this play to rebuild and germinate our culture,” he said astatine nan meeting, nan New York Times reported.

Zuckerberg shared a station connected Instagram astir nan all-hands gathering Thursday, writing, “Great to beryllium backmost successful personification successful Hacker Square for Meta’s All Hands! So overmuch power and excitement for building nan early of quality relationship together.”