YouTuber Grace Helbig Announces Breast Cancer Diagnosis: ‘I’m Going to Fight This’ |

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Popular YouTube contented creator Grace Helbig announced that she has bosom crab successful a video connected Monday. In her video, she said she received nan crab test astir a period ago.

Helbig said she was diagnosed pinch triple-positive bosom cancer, which she called “super treatable and highly beatable.” She was diagnosed aft noticing a mini lump connected her breast. She said successful her video that she was unsure really to bring it up to her expert because she was acrophobic of looking uneducated astir her ain body. But now, she urges everyone to spell get checked.

“Get those lumps checked,” she said. “And don’t beryllium acrophobic to inquire nan expert what you deliberation mightiness beryllium a stupid question.”

In summation to her YouTube channel, nan 37-year-old net characteristic and comedian co-hosts and co-created nan podcast “This Might Get Weird” alongside Mamrie Hart. In 2015, Helbig hosted her ain drama talk show connected E! Network called “The Grace Helbig Show” and since 2021 she has been nan sound of Cindy Bear successful HBO’s “Jellystone!”

Helbig besides said successful her video that she has been talking pinch Hank Green, a chap YouTuber and writer who announced his ain crab test a period ago.

“I person been texting pinch him, and his videos person been truthful incredibly helpful,” she said. Green runs nan YouTube channels vlogbrothers and Crash Course pinch his relative John Green. “I americium now eagerly waiting for his crab standup which he has promised to nonstop me, because I’m gonna request drama done this process.”

“There’s immoderate joke to beryllium recovered here,” she continued. “The jokes not mislaid connected maine that I’ve spent 15 years not utilizing my boobs to get attraction connected nan internet, and yet present we are, and that I’m announcing this during Cancer season. So what’s next? This is my occupation now and I’m going to conflict this small bitch of a point successful my near bosom arsenic champion and arsenic powerfully and arsenic gracefully arsenic I can. Pun intended.”

Watch Helbig’s video below.