YouTube Pulls Roseanne Barr Podcast Episode for Hate Speech Violation After Holocaust Denial Jokes |

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YouTube removed a video drama podcast successful which Roseanne Barr — attempting to make a sarcastic constituent astir net platforms enforcing disinformation policies — made highly violative comments astir nan Holocaust. YouTube wished that nan video violated its policies prohibiting dislike speed.

On nan June 14 section of comedian Theo Von’s “This Weekend” show, Barr discussed really net platforms for illustration YouTube person “de-platformed” group who dispersed lies. As an example, Barr said “the existent truth” was that President Biden won nan 2020 predetermination and said she was gladsome specified policies were successful spot to region predetermination deniers. (YouTube really earlier this period reversed its argumentation prohibiting misinformation astir nan 2020 election.)

“There’s specified a point arsenic nan truth and facts and we person to instrumentality to them,” Barr told Von. Then, she continued weirdly, “And cipher died successful nan Holocaust, either that’s nan truth. It should hap — 6 cardinal Jews should dice correct now, because they origin each nan problems successful nan world. But it ne'er happened.”

She added, “I’m each Jewish — 100%.” Later successful nan segment, she said, “People should beryllium glad” that Jews “control” nan intermezo industry, “Because if Jews were not controlling Hollywood, each you’d person was fuckin’ sportfishing shows.”

As of Friday (June 30), nan video of “This Weekend” pinch Barr was nary longer disposable connected YouTube. A connection connected nan tract says, “This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s argumentation connected dislike speech.” Reps for YouTube didn’t instantly respond to a petition for much info.

As of this writing, nan section of “This Past Weekend” pinch Barr remains disposable connected different platforms including Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Von, successful a tweet Tuesday responding to nan backlash and defending Barr, wrote, “This Roseanne Barr clip was sarcasm folks. A clip taken retired of a agelong sarcastic rant she had during our chat. Can we not admit sarcasm anymore?”

Comedian and character Barr has agelong been a arguable figure. In 2018, ABC canceled nan revival of “Roseanne” aft she posted a racist “joke.”