Writer’s Strike Begins As No Deal Reached

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Update: The onslaught is simply a spell arsenic WGA West has conscionable tweeted: “The Board of Directors of nan WGA West and nan Council of nan WGA East, acting upon nan authority granted to them by their memberships, person voted unanimously to telephone a strike, effective 12:01 AM, Tuesday, May 2nd”.

Original: The anticipation of a writer’s onslaught has now turned very existent arsenic nan Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) announced connected Monday evening that negotiations person ended and they person not reached a woody pinch nan Writer’s Guild of America (WGA).

The AMPTP says successful a connection they presented a “comprehensive package proposal” to nan Guild past nighttime which included “generous increases successful compensation for writers arsenic good arsenic improvements successful streaming residuals.” They added they were prepared to amended that offer.

However they opportunity nan Writer’s Guild continues to insist upon respective proposals, including requirements “a institution must unit a show pinch a definite number of writers for a specified play of time”. The AMPTP adds they are consenting to prosecute successful discussions pinch nan WGA “in an effort to break this logjam.”

Talks betwixt nan WGA and AMPTP began connected March 20th, pinch various issues group to beryllium addressed. On April 17th, much than 9,000 WGA members voted to authorize their leaders to bid a onslaught if a woody was not met by nan deadline astatine midnight tonight.

According to sources for The Wrap, nan WGA and AMPTP negotiating committees remained acold isolated connected respective cardinal issues moreover successful nan last days of talks. The AMPTP connection comes conscionable minutes aft nan WGA emailed members informing them that picket lines would statesman connected Tuesday day if a woody was not reached.

The intermezo manufacture now faces its first writer’s onslaught successful sixteen years. Though studios person stockpiled scripts that could perchance beryllium produced without writers, nan immense mostly of productions will beryllium unopen down arsenic writers are needed during accumulation for consultation connected scenes aliases to do rewrites.

The 2008 onslaught went connected for conscionable complete 3 months. It’s expected this 1 could past for astatine slightest nan adjacent 2 months arsenic nan AMPTP besides has to statesman statement negotiations pinch nan directing and acting guilds soon up of those existent bargaining agreements expiring connected June 30th.

The astir contiguous effect will beryllium felt connected nan late-night unrecorded TV talk shows, which are expected to spell connected contiguous hiatus. Depending upon nan magnitude of nan strike, nan effect will besides beryllium felt successful nan Fall, pinch caller seasons of scripted bid perchance delayed.

Several networks person been preparing for this inevitability, stockpiling scripts and producing episodes to person connected hand.

Source: The Wrap