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If you’d for illustration to spot nan world’s saddest mathematics equation, conscionable watch “World’s Best.” After being fixed a lighthearted “equation of me” homework duty connected nan first time of school, 12-year-old Prem Patel (Manny Magnus) formulates nan following: Prem = (mom + dad) x mathematics + Jerome – dad.” A mathematics whiz still reeling from nan nonaccomplishment of his father, Prem (it rhymes pinch “name,” not that anyone ever pronounces it correctly) proves easy to guidelines for arsenic he navigates adolescence successful “7 Days” head Roshan Sethi’s coming-of-age dramedy. But while nan Disney+ original yet receives a passing grade, it doesn’t precisely ace nan duty nan measurement its protagonist truthful often does.

Prem’s ostensible nemesis arsenic he prepares for nan upcoming Mathlympics title is chap mathematics brilliant Claire (Piper Wallace), who virtually haunts his accent dreams and proudly declares that her family “doesn’t observe summer” aft being asked really she spent nan past 3 months, while his champion friend is aspiring Tik Tok prima Jerome (Max Malas). Then there’s his mother Priya (Punam Patel), who has spoken small of her deceased hubby Suresh (Utkarsh Ambudkar) successful nan 7 years since his passing. Parents conscionable don’t understand, particularly erstwhile they aren’t around. Well, astir that…

The film’s astir charming series is simply a flashback successful which Prem’s mother walks him done nan nighttime she met his father, some participating successful and commenting connected nan events. She downplays her feelings for a erstwhile flame, insists she only went retired connected weekends (unless location was thing to study for, that is) and does her utmost to support her maternal image while telling nan story. After this origin-story explainer, successful which Prem learns that his dearly departed dada was a talented freestyle rapper, his begetter appears and convinces nan boy that he, too, should commencement rapping. For … reasons. A number of wish-fulfilling reveries successful which begetter and boy execute together — sometimes successful beforehand of an adoring crowd while wearing matching tracksuits, different times arsenic though successful a euphony video — follow, buffeted by lucid intervals successful which Prem is thrust backmost to reality. As he originates to attraction little astir algebra and much astir spitting bars, his waking and dream selves statesman to merge.

This is overmuch to his mother’s chagrin, not only because she finds nan taxable of Prem’s begetter excessively difficult to talk astir about of nan clip but besides because she’s a chap mathematics nerd who’d alternatively spot him travel successful her footsteps than his father’s. In their harshest exchange, she goes truthful acold arsenic to show him that “this obsession pinch your begetter isn’t healthy.” You tin astir apt conjecture really this hostility is yet reconciled. And while it would beryllium tempting to opportunity that “World’s Best” is effective contempt being predictable, it mostly isn’t. That nan existent rapping isn’t particularly bully mightiness beryllium said to lend nan movie a definite level of realism, but mostly it conscionable makes nan many, galore philharmonic sequences consciousness for illustration a chore.

Which is odd, fixed that Ambudkar — who besides co-wrote nan screenplay, executive produced and collaborated connected nan euphony — is an accomplished rapper nether nan shape sanction UTK nan INC and shaper Thomas Kail won a Tony for directing “Hamilton.” (Ambudkar is nary little acquainted onscreen, having precocious appeared successful nan likes of “Free Guy,” “Marry Me” and “Tick, Tick… Boom!”) He’s casually charming arsenic nan spritely paterfamilias who ne'er bothers to explicate precisely really he’s managed to look successful beforehand of his initially disbelieving son, and nan too-few scenes successful which they simply bent retired pinch each different are among nan film’s best.

Though very overmuch aimed astatine nan kiddos, “World’s Best” does propulsion nan elder millennial parents who will beryllium watching pinch their children: a “Dead Poets Society” reference here, a Doug E. Fresh cameo there. The remainder of it, particularly from nan 2nd enactment on, mostly consists of Prem’s imagined performances; it really is difficult to overstate really overmuch of nan movie takes spot successful its protagonist’s imagination. That isn’t a problem successful and of itself, arsenic galore kids are prone to flights of fancy, but there’s amazingly small real-world payoff to Prem’s daydreams. Despite Suresh’s oft-repeated mantra that “the world’s champion ne'er rest,” it’s difficult not to wish that nan movie itself would return much breaks and springiness begetter and boy clip to enslaved pinch 1 another.