William Shatner Documentary ‘You Can Call Me Bill’ Boarded by Blue Finch Films (EXCLUSIVE) | instastori.com

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U.K.-based income and distribution outfit Blue Finch Films has boarded world sales, excluding North America, for William Shatner documentary “You Can Call Me Bill” from Legion M and Exhibit A Pictures.

Written and directed by Alexandre O. Philippe, who has antecedently helmed documentaries specified arsenic “78/52: Hitchcock’s Shower Scene,” “Memory: The Origins of Alien,” and “Leap of Faith: William Friedkin connected nan Exorcist,” nan movie had its world premiere astatine SXSW 2023 arsenic portion of nan Documentary Spotlight section.

The movie is an friendly image of William Shatner’s individual travel crossed 9 decades, stripping distant each nan masks he has worn during his storied profession – astir famously nan Star Trek franchise – to uncover nan man down it all. The first and only feature-length documentary dedicated to Shatner’s life, profession and philosophy, it delves into his astir fervent passions, hopes and concerns, done a thematic distillation of his astir caller autobiographical songs and a heavy dive into nan farthest reaches of his filmography.

Reviewing nan movie for Variety, professional Owen Gleiberman wrote: “The film’s theme, which is ne'er enunciated (that’s portion of its affectionate joke), is nan continuity betwixt Shatner nan character and Shatner nan philosophical showbiz life coach who, connected immoderate level, is ne'er acting much than erstwhile he spews his innermost thoughts and feelings. He’s wired that way. That’s nan zen of Shatner.”    

Producer Kerry Deignan Roy said: “Our movie is simply a astonishing and poignant image of William Shatner, and we’re delighted to person it successful their [Blue Finch’s] adept hands.”

Paul Scanlan and Jeff Annison, co-founders of Legion M, nan fan-owned institution that produced nan movie successful conjunction pinch Exhibit A pictures, added: “As a institution that specializes successful uniting fans, we’re excited to activity pinch nan squad astatine Blue Finch to bring this movie to Bill’s galore fans astir nan world.”

Blue Finch’s world slate includes SXSW 2023 Narrative Competition Winner “Raging Grace,” SXSW selected “Monolith” starring Lily Sullivan and Tribeca selected “You’ll Never Find Me.”