Will Poulter Was Mistaken for Sid From ‘Toy Story’ During Recent LA Trip, Combats Focus on His Looks: ‘I’m Not Conventionally Attractive’ | instastori.com

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Will Poulter revealed successful a caller GQ mag interview that he was mistaken for nan “Toy Story” villain Sid by a moviegoer during a caller travel to Los Angeles. The actor, who precocious joined nan Marvel Cinematic Universe arsenic Adam Warlock successful “Guardians of nan Galaxy Vol. 3,” said retired against often being reduced to his beingness attributes by nan media and by fans. Poulter’s modulation from goofy “We’re nan Millers” teens to Marvel heartthrob has gotten plentifulness of media attraction complete nan past fewer years.

“A feline astatine a urinal successful LA past week turned to maine and said, ‘You’re in “Toy Story,” right?’ And I was like, ‘Well, that was animated,'” Poulter said. “I don’t want to beryllium rude. I besides admit there’s a meme going information of me—I dressed up arsenic Sid from ‘Toy Story’ for anti-bullying week. So arguably I haven’t helped my case. But [‘Toy Story’ came retired in] 1995. I was two. And they weren’t doing it done unrecorded action.”

As Poulter noted, he dressed up arsenic nan “Toy Story” bully successful 2017 and posted photos of nan costume to his Twitter account. The character was raising consciousness for nan anti-bullying statement Anti-Bullying Ambassadors and asked his followers to springiness nan group a for illustration aliases a donation.

“It’s funny—when things inclination for illustration that connected nan Internet, each discourse is mislaid and a large 1 is talking astir overnight transformations,” Poulter continued. “The 1 that went viral successful narration to maine was a image of maine in ‘We’re The Millers’ next to a image of maine in ‘Guardians.’ There’s virtually 10 years betwixt those 2 pictures but group don’t moreover recognize it. Someone successful nan pub 2 days agone said, ‘Oh, you’ve had a glow up. Congrats.’ It’s a small spot difficult to not judge that as, ‘You were disfigured for nan champion portion of your life, and now things are looking up a bit!'”

Poulter said “it’s difficult to not return it arsenic a backhanded compliment” erstwhile group talk astir his alteration successful beingness quality complete nan years.

“It was weird erstwhile group started to statement my beingness quality online arsenic to whether it was deemed charismatic aliases unattractive,” nan character said. “I americium very comfortable and unafraid successful nan knowledge that I’m not conventionally charismatic arsenic I’ve ever had remarks astir looking unusual—whether it’s my eyebrows aliases immoderate else, group person made a point of that. I deliberation it conscionable speaks to a wider issue, of: Why are we discussing aliases spending truthful overmuch clip discussing people’s beingness appearance? Especially successful nan lawsuit of women. But whether you’re antheral aliases female, why is that nan attraction truthful much? Unfortunately, societal media has created this problematic thought that everyone’s sentiment connected everything matters equally.”

“Guardians of nan Galaxy Vol. 3” is now playing successful theaters nationwide.