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Netflix’s 2022 rotation connected “The Addams Family” pinch “Wednesday” was, by each measure, a awesome occurrence for nan streamer. The coming-of-age supernatural drama scary was a runaway success, inspiring creation memes and Halloween costumes.

In 4 weeks, nan bid racked up 1.237 cardinal hours viewed, quickly rising to go Netflix’s 3rd most-watched TV bid of each time, down only nan first play of “Squid Game” and nan 4th play of “Stranger Things”.

It besides fared rather good pinch critics, pinch prima Jenna Ortega universally praised. However, if location was 1 communal disapproval of nan show, it was complete nan show’s coming-of-age aspects arsenic being akin to a bid connected The CW.

Indeed, nan first play saw Wednesday progressive successful a emotion triangle betwixt Hunter Doohan’s Tyler and Percy Hynes White’s Xavier. Ortega herself has antecedently expressed really she wasn’t a instrumentality of nan communicative arc arsenic it felt excessively out-of-character for Wednesday.

Whilst appearing connected nan latest version of Variety’s Actors connected Actors, Ortega confirmed she’s group arsenic a shaper connected nan show’s 2nd play and is getting very hands-on successful nan process:

“It was people already very collaborative. So successful mentation for a 2nd season, we wanted to get up of nan curve and make judge that we could commencement nan conversations earlier, and I’m conscionable truthful curious. I want to spot nan outfits, caller characters that are coming in, scripts, and they were gracious capable to fto maine put nan shaper chapeau on.”

She besides confirmed that 1 large alteration is nan bid is ditching those teen romance shenanigans for nan 2nd season, which will person a darker reside but still intends to beryllium fun:

“We’ve decided we want to thin into nan scary facet of nan show a small spot more. Because it is truthful lighthearted, and a show for illustration this pinch vampires and werewolves and superpowers, you don’t want to return yourself excessively seriously. We’re ditching immoderate romanticist emotion liking for Wednesday, which is really great.”

The bid besides stars Catherine Zeta-Jones arsenic Morticia Addams, Luis Guzmán arsenic Gomez Addams, Victor Dorobantu arsenic Thing, Isaac Ordonez arsenic Pugsley Addams, and George Burcea arsenic Lurch. The first play besides starred Gwendoline Christie, Emma Myers, Hunter Doohan, Joy Sunday, Moosa Mostafa, Georgie Farmer, Percy Hynes White and Christina Ricci.

Ortega is moving pinch Burton connected nan “Beetlejuice” sequel which is presently shooting successful nan United Kingdom.