Vivica A. Fox Confesses ‘Independence Day 2’ Didn’t ‘Live Up’ to the First: ‘We Really Missed Out by Not Bringing Will Smith Back’ |

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Vivica A. Fox confesses that “Independence Day: Resurgence” didn’t unrecorded up its predecessor, specifically because nan 2016 sequel didn’t negociate to bring Will Smith backmost to reprise his domiciled from nan 1996 blockbuster classic.

In a speech pinch the A.V. Club to beforehand her caller existent crime bid “The Interrogation Room,” Fox touched connected nan 2016 “Resurgence” saying she “didn’t consciousness for illustration it was good” and that it “didn’t unrecorded up to nan first one.”

“I really consciousness we missed retired by not bringing Will Smith back. We had astir of nan original cast, but I deliberation nan 1 existent nexus that was missing to nan occurrence of ‘Independence Day 2’ was that Will Smith wasn’t there,” Fox shared. “I’m going to support it existent — I was astatine nan premiere and I was for illustration ‘Mmm, let’s spot really nan fans are going to consciousness astir this.’ And judge capable connected Twitter, they blew maine up.”

Fox reprised her domiciled arsenic Jasmine Hiller for nan “Independence Day” sequel, but Will Smith, who played her character’s husband, ace aviator Steve Hiller, did not return aft having net disagreements pinch nan accumulation during development. Smith’s characteristic was killed disconnected betwixt films. Original formed members Bill Pullman, Jeff Goldblum, Judd Hirsch and Brent Spiner each reprised their roles, while Jessie T. Usher joined nan sequel to represent nan boy of Fox and Smith’s couple.

The first “Independence Day” was nan highest-grossing movie of 1996, pinch $817 cardinal successful summons income worldwide. By comparison, nan belated “Resurgence” was interpreted arsenic somewhat of an underwhelming container agency force, getting to $389 cardinal worldwide against a $165 cardinal accumulation budget.