Vice Media to Be Acquired by Fortress Investment Group |

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After filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy successful May, Vice Media is group to beryllium acquired by its lender group Fortress Investment Group.

Vice representatives declined Variety‘s petition for remark Thursday, however, an soul memo was sent retired to labor confirming nan deal, as first reported by nan New York Times.

A tribunal proceeding is scheduled for Friday during which nan winning bid is group to beryllium approved. At that point, nan waste will still request to clear a regulatory support process to beryllium finalized.

According to 1 source, privately held holding group GoDigital Media put successful a bid for Vice that was $75 cardinal much than nan “stalking horse” bid of $225 cardinal from Fortress, however, nan rate constituent requested by Fortress was deemed “unreasonable” by GoDigital leadership.

Per that insider, GoDigital adjusted its bid pursuing respective caller worldly disclosures pinch little than 12 hours earlier nan auction was group to return spot Tuesday.

In a connection provided to Variety Thursday, GoDigital said:

“After exhaustive negotiations and diligence, GoDigital Media Group developed a scheme not conscionable for nan endurance of Vice and its brands, but for their rejuvenation, growth, and description . We put successful a bid that decently reflects a early wherever everyone has a stake, and besides reflects caller economical and financial realities that came to ray successful nan last weeks and days. Going guardant will require important time, money, and expertise, and it was our dream nan seller debtors would subordinate america successful business wherever we some align and invest. We moreover worked until nan past infinitesimal to make adjustments that would thief meet a productive compromise. However, astatine nan extremity of nan day, nan sellers and we person different values.

Our connection was importantly much than nan stalking equine bid by nan sellers. Our attack included a actual scheme pinch real, renewed leadership, expertise, and finance that would person led to a profitable Vice successful nether 12 months. Ours was nan champion plan— successful spite of Fortress saying they submitted nan only bid —to correct size nan institution to nan use of Vice and its brands, employees, partners, and consumers. The sellers chose to move down this opportunity moreover though it was a bid higher than their own.

The level of reasoning required to lick a problem is typically greater than nan level of reasoning that created nan problem itself. In our opinion, a continuation of nan activity that was a portion of Vice’s travel to bankruptcy runs straight antagonistic to nan integrity and accountability now demanded successful business. We deliberation Fortress’s determination is nan incorrect choice, and nan company, employees, partners, and consumers will suffer.

We judge nan prime for Vice’s early is clear. We stay fresh to get nan institution connected adjacent and reasonable position wherever each parties travel to nan array focused connected nan champion use of nan company.”