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As different awesome European broadcasters, Spain’s Atresmedia is making a ample stake connected its VOD contented offer, focused astir nan high-profile streaming work Atresplayer, which ambitiously re-launches July 5. 

Just until a fewer years ago, European TV giants treated their streaming operations to bedrock linear lineups. Those days person gone. At Annecy, BBC and France Télévisions were talking up their streaming services arsenic their future. ITV and Germany’s RTL are bowing their biggest plays connected OTT operations, ITVX and RTL+, respectively, powering up beardown subscriptions’ hikes. 

Belgium’s VRT presently estimates “almost a 50/50 split” successful its acquisitions fund arsenic it focusing connected “finding unsocial bid that viewers wouldn’t expect from a nationalist broadcaster for its streaming service,” Sven Van Lokeren, caput of world fabrication bid acquisition astatine Belgium’s VRT told Variety at February’s London TV Screenings. 

In Spain, starring broadcaster Atresmedia is nary exception. Atresplayer represents an energetic thrust to create streaming revenues arsenic a important portion of its business model. 

Pursuing what it calls a 360-degree hyper-distribution strategy 360º pinch its contented astatine nan halfway of its business, it is looking to turn extending its economical life and reaching wider audiences.

“Each contented we create aliases acquire, we effort to utilization it successful nan maximum number of windows to get nan maximum measurement of income we tin generate,” said Atresmedia contented director, José Antonio Antón, aft Atresmedia had unveiled its Atresplayer reboot. 

Antón highlighted 2 examples. The Spanish type of primetime intermezo format “The Voice,” which kicked disconnected unrecorded connected Atresmedia’s free-to-air transmission Antena 3, past had a catch-up tally and ended up connected Atresplayer’s subscription service.

Toplining Elena Rivera, TV play “Alba,” nan Spanish adjustment of Turkish mega-hit “Fatmagul,” took a different way being pre-released connected Atresplayer, past broadcast successful Antena 3 primetime, earlier segueing to catch-up and being yet sold to Netflix.

From July 5, Atresmedia will unites its free and salary TV models nether nan Atresplayer brand, aiming to reenforce some nan free and salary options of its OTT service. It’s besides launching a caller design, adding 10 caller accelerated channels, and powering up its contented pinch a beardown line-up of premieres scheduled for nan coming months, begun pinch “Nights astatine Tefia,” presented astatine Conecta Fiction.

Nights successful Tefía Courtesy of Atresmedia

Fiction bid “Veneno,” “Cardo” and “La ruta” person been often praised by critics and awards. Atresplayer has conscionable announced a twelve caller Atresplayer Originals only disposable connected its premium paid-for service. 

FAST channels are now increasing extracurricular nan U.S, pinch 11% of Spaniards having utilized a FAST transmission successful nan past month, according to an Ampere Analysis study presented astatine Conecta Fiction. 

We are going to incorporated a caller package of FAST channels based connected brands and genres. Our extremity is not truthful overmuch to connection 150 channels, but to beryllium selective and person high-quality unrecorded channels,” Antón said.

Atresplayer already offers entree to each nan contents of Atresmedia’s TV channels family. Now, it is adding 4 caller themed services: Clásicos Atresplayer, pinch episodes of legendary Atresmedia’s series; Multicine Atresplayer, including nan broadcaster’s heavy TV movies catalogue; Comedia Atresplayer, pinch episodes of deed in-house sitcoms, and Mentes Inquietas, pinch societal and world programming.

Further caller FAST channels return successful much circumstantial contents, for example, turning astir successful productions specified arsenic TV bid “Aquí nary hay quién viva” and starring entree primetime show “El hormiguero.”

Launched successful 2013, Atresplayer transformed into a subscription VOD work successful 2019. Today, nan OTT work boasts standout, promising figures: 540,000 subscribers and 5 cardinal users. 

“Market studies opportunity we person plentifulness of room for growth. We are nan complementary section level and our value constituent is attractive, pinch a wide level connection and original content,” Antón argued.

In position of increasing expectations, Atresplayer eyes RTL+ exemplary successful Germany. 

“RTL+ is good complete 4 cardinal subscribers, successful a state that almost doubles Spain successful population. If we are capable to execute what RTL+ has done, it would not beryllium crazy to guidelines astatine 2 million,” he estimated.

“We are astatine 540,000 subscribers and our maturation scheme is moderate. The astir important point for america – and it has been from nan opening –  is that we want a scheme for continuous growth,” he concludes.

The 12 caller Atresplayer Originals, each produced by Atresmedia TV:

“La Nueva Generación” 

A reboot of Atresmedia’s legendary “Física y Química,” a harder-edged high-school bid moving 2008-11, written by “Elite’s” Carlos Montero, and addressing frontally adolescents’ problems – alcoholism, drugs, homophobia, unwanted pregnancy. Telemundo reversiones nan show arsenic “Relaciones Peligrosas.” This clip round, nan Zurburán Institute reopens aft being burnt to nan ground, accepting over-spill from highly-contrasting different high-schools. Produced by Atresmedia TV and Boomerang TV (“Alba,” “The Time successful Between”).


If Ken Loach had made a trans drama, you could ideate Paca la Piraña figuring largely. For decades, those successful request successful Spain’s LGBTQ organization person recovered support from her. Thrust into nan limelight successful “Veneno,” wherever she plays herself arsenic Veneno’s champion friend, nan inimitable Paca la Piraña now gets a bid centred connected her very overmuch lived life, which looks group to adjacent nan trilogy begun by “Veneno” and continued pinch its soon-to-bow sequel Vestidas de Azul,” produced for illustration “Piraña” by Suma Content, nan Madrid-based explanation of Los Javis, Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo, “Veneno” writer-director-producers. 

“A Muerte” 

Veronica Echegui (“Trust,” “You’re Killing Me Susana”) and Joan Amargós (“Nasdrovia”) caput nan star-crossed emotion communicative betwixt a man diagnosed pinch crab of nan bosom and a commitment-averse woman, who discovers she’s pregnant. The latest from Dani de la Orden (“Crazy About Her,” “Elite”). Atresmedia produces pinch Sábado Películas, DeAPlaneta and Playtime Movies 

“Un Nuevo Amanecer”

Comedian Yolanda Ramos, prima of Filmax deed “Welcome to nan Family,” plays an on-the-slide TV characteristic and addict successful hopeless request of rehab. But she tin only spend a public-sector low-cost Un Nuevo Amenecer. Created and co-directed by José Corbacho (“Tapas”) and produced pinch ESpotlight.

“Una Vida Menos en Canarias” 

An episodic procedural group successful nan Canary Islands, produced by Cesar Benítez’s Plano a Plano and created by Fran Carballal (“Toy Boy”), Enrique Lojo (“Toy Boy”) and Curro Royo (“Hernán”).


A 2nd caller title from Suma Content, created by Javier Ferreiro successful which Meri Román, a erstwhile queen of Madrid’s cheery scene, who, 10 years later, reconnects pinch cheery friends attempting to find a consciousness of identity.

“La Sombra de la Tierra”

1896: Two matriarchs look disconnected for power of a benighted colony successful Zamora’s mountains successful a bid pinch undertones of a Western adapted by character Elvira Mínguez from her debut novel. Atresmedia TV produces pinch Fonte Films, “Sombra” figuring arsenic 1 of nan first titles to travel retired of nan caller accumulation location launched by Pablo Isla, ex-president of Inditex

“La Nena”

The 3rd portion of a crime caller bid whose first adaptation. The stylish and sadistic “The Gypsy Bride,” from Penny Dreadful” head Paco Cabezas, yielded 1 of Atresplayer’s biggest hits of 2022.

The Gypsy Bride The Gypsy Bride, Credit: Javier de Agustin Aldeguer

“33 Days”

An Atresmedia TV bid to track, an early TV outing from Lastor Media, whose credits see Berlin victor “Alcarras” and Cannes victor “Creatur,” partnering pinch True Crime Factory and Goroka- Series is inspired by nan existent life situation breakout successful 2001 of trigger-happy Manuel Brito and Javier Picatoste, connected nan tally for nan titular 33 days.   

“The Route. Part 2: Ibiza”

Atresmedia TV’s biggest captious deed of 2022, now backmost from a 2nd play pinch Marc Ribó (Àlex Monner) now enthroned arsenic nan resident DJ of Amnesia, 1 of nan biggest discotheques successful Ibiza arsenic nan land takes disconnected arsenic nan superior of Europe’s nine culture. But Ibiza besides has a typical spot successful his family history. Atresmedia produces nan identity-themed Season 2 pinch Caballo Films, firmly established arsenic 1 of Spain’s apical accumulation houses aft “The Beasts” and “The Route.” Series creator Borja Soler directs.

“¿A Qúe Estas Esperando?”

A romcom adjustment of 2 seductive novels by Megan Maxwell, turning connected 2 young couples averse to definitive commitment, “in a bid which talks astir nan contradictions of emotion and alternatives successful a modern age,” according to Atresmedia TV which produces pinch Diagonal, portion of Banijay Iberia and down “The Gypsy Bride,” and DeAPlaneta.

“Erase Una Vez en Marbella”  

A doc bid chronicling nan history and translator of Marbella from a mini sportfishing colony to chic basking spot attracting nan pitchy group and organised crime. Produced by Atresmedia TV pinch Happy Ending.