Variety Announces Welcome to Cannes Party |

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Variety will return to nan Croisette for nan yearly Welcome to Cannes Party hosted successful business pinch The Gotham Film & Media Institute presented by Weirdo, a Web3 short movie platform. The arena will return spot May 18 astatine nan Carlton Hotel.

Variety and The Gotham will big executives, talent and filmmakers to footwear disconnected nan 76th Cannes Film Festival, honoring Leonine Studios pinch nan prestigious Achievement successful International Film Award, nan highest grant Variety tin bestow connected an world movie executive aliases company. The grant is designed to spotlight a number of notable successes and achievements, commercially arsenic good arsenic artistically, complete nan past fewer years.

Leonine Studios has established itself arsenic 1 of nan world’s starring producers and distributors of movies, and a apical shaper and supplier of TV series. The Leonine Studios sanction is now known for its brave and highly informed decision-making, arsenic good arsenic its innovation, and its allegiance to precocious value products. For these reasons, nan Variety editorial squad has chosen to admit Leonine Studios arsenic nan recipient of this year’s honor.

”Each twelvemonth Variety looks guardant to participating successful nan prestigious Cannes Film Festival,” said Dea Lawrence, Chief Operating & Marketing Officer, Variety. “This twelvemonth we are anticipating our astir successful play and are excited to statesman nan festivities pinch our Variety/Gotham Welcome to Cannes Party. We are grateful to our friends astatine Gotham and to Weirdo for their business .”

“We’re thrilled to partner pinch Variety erstwhile again connected our Cannes kickoff statement filled pinch celebration, networking, and appreciation of our newest people of Gotham Cannes Producer Fellows.” said Jeffrey Sharp, Executive Director of The Gotham Film & Media Institute.