VanMoof simplifies things for its new, cheaper S4 and X4 e-bikes

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VanMoof’s newest e-bikes, nan S4 and X4, are 2 attempts astatine a mid-range e-bike. The institution is trying to present its premium features and build quality, for substantially little money. At $2,498, that’s $1,000 little than nan company’s top-of-the-range S5 and X5 bikes, but they're still not precisely cheap.

VanMoof co-founder Ties Carlier said successful a property merchandise that this was an effort astatine a “more simple, much accessible and much reliable” e-bike. One awesome simplification is nan modulation to adaptive centrifugal support and a two-speed cogwheel hub. The SX5 bid had a three-speed cogwheel system, and while it had a torque sensor to assist, adaptive centrifugal support is caller for these cheaper e-bikes. While nan cogwheel strategy whitethorn beryllium different, nan institution expects nan scope to beryllium balanced to some nan SA5 and older SX3 e-bikes, 60-150 km, depending connected riding conditions and rider. There’s still turbo-boost connected board, pinch a fastener connected each broadside of nan handlebars.

Security-wise (and wherever VanMoof has excelled successful nan past) there’s an integrated fourth-generation Kick Lock (SA5 e-bikes person Gen 5 lock), which locks nan rear instrumentality pinch a tap. It’s still packed pinch anti-theft tech, including onboard alarms and location tracking, though there’s nary integrated support for Apple’s Find My point tracking.

The creation hasn’t changed hugely, but location are immoderate differences worthy noting. The squad has nixed nan halo ringing lighting and USB-C charging larboard for nan SX4, while nan framework itself is closer, some successful looks and height, to nan older SX3 e-bikes. Possibly nan biggest quality is simply a punchier scope of colors: nan SX4 will travel successful Evergreen, Sunbeam Yellow, Purple Fog and Foam Green – a acold outcry from nan mostly monochrome of erstwhile rides – and demonstrating different tastes to rival Cowboy’s latest e-bike colorways.VanMoof S4 successful yellowish colorway.


Both nan VanMoof S4 and X4 are disposable to preorder now, astatine VanMoof’s charismatic site. In Europe, nan Evergreen exemplary is connected waste starting today, while it will spell connected waste successful precocious May successful nan US, pinch different colour options pursuing after. Stay tuned for impressions erstwhile we get to test-ride.

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