Uber starts offering flight bookings in the UK

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Uber has started offering home and world formation bookings successful nan UK and will proceed rolling it retired crossed nan full region complete nan coming weeks, according to nan Financial Times. The company's wide head for nan UK, Andrew Brem, told nan publication that this is "the latest and astir eager step" it has taken to execute its extremity to go a wider recreation booking platform. 

Uber first revealed its plans to adhd train, autobus and formation bookings to its UK app successful April past twelvemonth and launched nan first 2 options a fewer months later. Brem said train bookings person been "incredibly popular" truthful acold and person grown 40 percent each period since they became available, though he didn't springiness nan Times actual summons income numbers. 

For its flights, nan institution has teamed up pinch recreation booking agency Hopper. The Times says Uber will return a mini committee from each waste and could adhd a booking interest connected apical of its offerings successful nan future. It's unclear really overmuch nan company's trim really is, but it charges its partner drivers 25 percent connected each fares. As nan Times notes, offering formation bookings could besides thief turn Uber's main ride-hailing business moreover further, since users are apt to book rides to and from nan airport done nan service, arsenic well. 

Although formation bookings are only disposable successful nan UK astatine nan moment, nan region — 1 of its biggest markets extracurricular North America — only serves arsenic a testing crushed for Uber's plans. Brem told nan publication that nan institution is hoping to grow formation offerings to much countries successful nan future, but it has nary coagulated plans yet. Uber did connection $200 chopper rides successful nan US backmost successful 2019, but that work was discontinued successful nan midst of pandemic-related lockdowns. 

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