Twitter Blocks Access to Users Who Aren’t Logged In as ‘Emergency Measure,’ Elon Musk Says |

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On Friday, Twitter — without announcement — abruptly blocked entree to nan website for anyone who isn’t signed successful arsenic registered users.

Many group were confused astir nan move, wondering whether it was a glitch aliases a purposeful move connected nan portion of Twitter, which is nether nan power of mega-billionaire Elon Musk. Before, you could hunt Twitter and position tweets without needing to person a registered account.

Musk, successful a post Friday afternoon, claimed that Twitter took nan measurement to amended capacity connected nan level aft third-party companies were “scraping” information and overloading its systems. “Temporary emergency measure. We were getting information pillaged truthful overmuch that it was degrading work for normal users!”

In different tweet, Musk said, “Several 100 organizations (maybe more) were scraping Twitter information highly aggressively, to nan constituent wherever it was affecting nan existent personification experience.” He added, “What should we do to extremity that? I’m unfastened to ideas.”