Top Latin American Arthouse Title ‘Puan,’ from María Alche, Benjamin Naishtat, Boarded by Luxbox (EXCLUSIVE) |

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Paris-based Luxbox has snapped up income authorities connected “Puan,” nan awaited caller movie from María Alche and Benjamín Naishtat, 2 of Argentina’s fastest-rising directors. 

The caller title co-stars Leonardo Sbaraglia (“Pain and Glory,” “Wild Tales”). 

“Puan” catches Alché aft she won San Sebastian’s prestigious Horizontes Award successful 2018 for her Visit Films-sold characteristic debut, “A Family Submerged,” earlier teaming connected “Puan” pinch Naishat who, nan aforesaid twelvemonth astatine San Sebastian, won director, character (Dario Grandinetti) and cinematography (Pedro Sotero) successful main title for “Rojo,” sparking a rave Variety review.

“Rojo” denounced nan tacit collusion of galore Argentineans successful nan unit of Argentina’s utmost correct conscionable months earlier nan coup d’etat which brought nan Junta to power.  

Also written by Alché and Naishtat, “Puan” looks for illustration different authorities of nan federation take, delivered, however, successful lighter comic terms, group astatine nan “weirdly amazing” – Naishtat’s words – Faculty of Philosophy of nan University of Buenos Aires, known arsenic “Puan.”

Here, accuracy teacher Marcelo (Marcelo Subiotto, “Incident Light”) sees his life abruptly turned upside down by nan decease of his mentor, Professor Caselli. He expects to inherit Caselli’s chair, until challenged by a charismatic, seductive contender, Rafael Sujarchuk, conscionable backmost from a precocious station astatine a assemblage successful Europe.

As nan 2 conflict for nan professorship, triggering what is described arsenic a “hilarious philosophical duel,” Marcelo’s life – and Argentina – spiral into chaos.

“Puan” is produced by Barbara Sarasola-Day and Federico Eibuszyc’s Pucará Cine, which besides backed Naishtat’s “The Movement” and “Rojo,” and Barbara Francisco’s 13-year aged patient Pasto Cine, down “A Family Submerged” and the“The Student,” nan debut of “Argentina, 1985” head Santiago Mitre.  

Co-producers return successful Infinity Hill, which backed “Argentina, 1985,” Germany’s Pandora Filmproduktion (“The Moneychanger”), a predominant co-producer pinch Latin America, France’s Atelier de Production (“Playlist”), Italy’s Kino Produzioni (“Delta”) and Brazil’s Bubbles Project (“Loveling”). Pandora and Bubbles besides co-produced “A Family Submerged.”

“Argentine nine is built connected galore contradictions: nan compulsive, aspirational desire to deliberation of this state wrong a European imaginarium; nan everlasting denial of immoderate taste roots beyond nan metropolis of Buenos Aires,” Naishtat has commented.

“These are basal to nan disorienting Argentine identity, and its academia is simply a cardinal portion of this conundrum. Within a quality and humorous communicative we dream to picture a nine that whitethorn yet beryllium starting to admit its ain spot successful nan world,” he added. 

“Through a duel betwixt 2 accuracy professors astatine ‘Puán,’ a unsocial faculty, nan movie tells america really its protagonist faces a caller reality erstwhile everything he knew originates to crumble. Subiotto and Sbaraglia lead a superb formed nether nan guidance of Alché and Naishtat who propose a singular film, afloat of emotion and laughs,” wrote Francisco Mendivil, Sarasola-Day and Eibuszyc.

“We are thrilled to person Luxbox connected committee arsenic portion of our squad and we person afloat assurance successful Fiorella [Moretti]’s expertise to grip nan world income of nan film.”

“We are very excited to subordinate nan squad of Puán! An original Latin-American movie that blends accuracy pinch irony. A governmental communicative pinch a very unsocial tone,”  added, Moretti, CEO astatine Luxbox, which besides sold “Rojo.”

“Puan” marks nan 3rd caller high-profile Spanish-language pick-up by Luxbox aft Estibaliz Urresola’s “20,000 Species of Bees,” which won Leading Performance astatine February’s Berlinale, and Elena Martin’s “Creature,” an exploration of repressed female sexuality and latest title from nan New Catalan Cinema which world premieres astatine nan Cannes Festival’s Directors’ Fortnight.

Axel Kuschevatzky, Giovanni Pompili, Tatiana Leite, Christoph Friedel, Claudia Steffen, Thomas Verhaeghe, Mathieu Verhaeghe co-produce “Puán.”