Tom Holland’s ‘The Crowded Room’ Is Unfortunately Empty: TV Review |

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Over 20 years ago, screenwriter Akiva Goldsman penned nan book for “A Beautiful Mind,” nan Oscar-winning biopic of mathematician and diagnosed schizophrenic John Nash. To convey Nash’s subjective acquisition of his condition, “A Beautiful Mind” pulled a bait-and-switch. Early successful nan film, we meet Nash’s assemblage roommate, who becomes his lifelong friend; later, it’s revealed nan roommate was a figment of Nash’s imagination. At nan time, nan twist was effective capable to gain Goldsman an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay.

The constricted bid “The Crowded Room,” created by Goldsman for Apple TV+, attempts nan aforesaid instrumentality to greatly diminished returns. A elemental Wikipedia hunt shows that “The Crowded Room” was inspired by Billy Milligan, nan first suspect acquitted by invoking a lawsuit of dissociative personality upset successful nan precocious 1970s. But up of nan show’s release, critics were asked not to disclose nan fractured intelligence authorities of Danny Sullivan, nan Milligan analog played pinch doe-eyed naiveté of Tom Holland. This puzzled me, fixed nan eminently Googleable quality of nan premise. Then I started watching.

Written mostly by Goldsman, who has sole aliases shared in installments connected each of nan series’ 10 episodes, “The Crowded Room” itself treats Danny’s intelligence illness, formerly known arsenic aggregate characteristic disorder, for illustration a bombshell to beryllium withheld for maximum impact. The prime is simply a grievous correction that torpedoes nan show, and not conscionable because nan large “surprise” lands pinch a thud erstwhile it yet arrives. By being truthful oblique astir Danny’s existent nature, “The Crowded Room” is near pinch a vacuum wherever a hook should be, 1 it declines to capable pinch a compelling pitch. Viewers pinch capable discourse will simply beryllium bored. Those going successful acold will beryllium confounded by a aviator that spends complete an hr connected an unremarkable New York high-schooler who feels vaguely anxious and retired of place. To mention Holland’s signature role, astatine slightest Peter Parker meets nan radioactive spider correct away.

“The Crowded Room” opens pinch a shooting astatine Rockefeller Center that lands Danny successful Rikers Island, wherever he’s interviewed by scientist Rya Goodwin (Amanda Seyfried). Danny claims his friend and roommate Ariana (Sasha Lane) fired nan gun, but Rya keeps poking holes successful his story. This is, of course, a batch of attraction to train connected an enactment of unit that results successful nary superior injuries. (The slug only grazes its intended target.) The existent Billy Milligan was a serial rapist, a item “The Crowded Room” presumably alters successful bid to make Danny much sympathetic. His would-be victim, too, is seemingly engineered to make sympathy, though their personality is near anonymous until respective hours in.

After her astonishing move arsenic Elizabeth Holmes successful “The Dropout,” Seyfried is criminally underused arsenic Danny’s interlocutor. “The Crowded Room” could’ve system itself astir her character, an world scrambling for tenure arsenic she navigates divorcement and azygous motherhood. In fact, nan gait does prime up considerably erstwhile Goldsman drops nan ruse and turns his attraction to Danny’s defense, spearheaded by Rya. But that displacement only occurs past nan series’ halfway point. (The show’s namesake ocular metaphor, successful which each of Danny’s “alters” talk to each other, is first introduced successful nan seventh episode.) Before that, “The Crowded Room” spends interminable hours connected Danny’s ain relationship of his life, agelong aft it’s evident what’s really going on.

Danny grows up pinch an overworked azygous mother (Emmy Rossum) and diabolical stepfather (Will Chase), mourning nan nonaccomplishment of his deceased copy brother. As nan years spell by, Danny encounters a bid of guardian angels: Jonny (Levon Hawke), nan teenage champion friend who adjacent pressures him into dealing drugs; Yitzhak (Lior Raz), nan Israeli landlord who offers Danny a spot to enactment erstwhile things astatine location scope their breaking point; Jack (Jason Isaacs), a debonair Brit who promises to link Danny pinch his biologic father. By nan clip Jack shows up, it’s clear Danny’s communicative is meant to beggar belief. “The Crowded Room” still squanders clip giving Ariana her ain arc arsenic an ineffective reddish herring, aliases having Jonny rescue Danny from a section gangster successful a genuinely ridiculous segment involving coerced fellatio arsenic costs for a firearm.

Introducing Danny’s alters arsenic abstracted characters portrayed by abstracted actors astatine slightest delays nan onset of nan showboating, awards-bait benignant of capacity 1 associates pinch concepts for illustration “The Crowded Room.” When it arrives, pinch Holland toggling betwixt accents and beingness affects, nan consequence feels much for illustration a compilation existent from a prima struggling to break retired of nan Marvel orbit than a convincing transformation. (Holland has said nan sprout was truthful taxing he plans to take a twelvemonth off from acting.) Yet “The Crowded Room” pads retired its much straightforward backmost half, too, revisiting full scenes for illustration Rya investigating Danny’s home. We’re meant to beryllium seeing them pinch caller eyes, but their discourse isn’t sufficiently altered to make them worthy moving back. 

Besides serving arsenic a conveyance for Holland, “The Crowded Room” attempts to position itself arsenic a telephone for empathy towards those surviving pinch intelligence illness. The scripts crowbar successful modern contented astir nan value of curen and nan shortcomings of nan aesculapian system, ideas that scan conspicuously retired of clip and place. There’s moreover an admonishment astir Danny’s achromatic privilege comparative to his chap inmates of color, a statement that feels particularly egregious since it comes retired of nan rima of a charismatic successful 1980s New York. “The Crowded Room” wants to reason against sensationalizing a information arsenic melodramatic and arguable arsenic DID while besides utilizing Danny’s test arsenic a melodramatic reveal.

“The Crowded Room” squanders ample resources successful its unsuccessful efforts. Director Kornél Mundruczó, who helms nan pilot, gets to create Danny’s situation successful lavish play detail; an full section is built astir a flashy, undoubtedly pricey Pink Floyd sync. But it’s not excess “The Crowded Room” needs. A acold much concise — one mightiness moreover opportunity movie-length — version of nan communicative would pain done overmuch little goodwill en way to a humble payoff. Instead, we get a prolonged image of a mind that turns retired acold from beautiful.

The first 3 episodes of “The Crowded Room” are now streaming connected Apple TV+, pinch caller episodes premiering play connected Fridays.