Tom Cruise Had ‘No Fear’ Riding Motorcycle Off a Cliff for ‘Mission: Impossible 7,’ Reveals Co-Star Vanessa Kirby |

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Tom Cruise Vanessa Kirby


It’s 1 point to spot Tom Cruise seemingly defy nan laws of sanity successful nan “Mission: Impossible” franchise, but it’s a full different acquisition watching nan character complete his stunts successful person. Vanessa Kirby, who reprises her domiciled arsenic nan White Widow successful “Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One,” says she was connected group erstwhile Cruise parachuted from a motorcycle aft riding it disconnected a cliff successful Iceland for nan eighth installment of “M:I.”

“He did it galore times successful 1 day,” recalls Kirby. “He did it consecutively … and many times truthful he could seizure each nan different angles and sides of it.”

If Cruise was nervous, he judge didn’t show it. “He was conscionable truthful calm,” Kirby says. “He had nary fear. He conscionable recovered it exhilarating. That benignant of belief successful cinema and what 1 could execute and his passion for it is truthful inspiring. He benignant of believes he tin do nan impossible and past he does…I emotion being a portion of nan franchise. I’m really excited to travel back.”

“Dead Reckoning Part One” will beryllium successful theaters July 14. Kirby is signed up for astatine slightest 1 much installment. “I would dream they would person me,” she said erstwhile asked if she wants to do moreover more. “My character, I emotion playing because she’s benignant of unusual, unusual and nosy and ambiguous.”

Paramount debuted 20 minutes of “Dead Reckoning” during nan its position past period astatine CinemaCon. Christopher McQuarrie, who directed nan 2 erstwhile “Mission: Impossible” movies, returns, arsenic do ensemble members Kirby, Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson and Ving Rhames.