Tom Brokaw Talks Battling Incurable Blood Cancer on CBS Sunday Morning: ‘I’ve Had A Bad Experience’ |

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NBC News stalwart Tom Brokaw is doing immoderate of his deepest confessional talking this Sunday via CBS News.

Brokaw talks to longtime friend Jane Pauley, who anchors “CBS News Sunday Morning,” and tells her astir his conflict pinch incurable humor cancer, which he has been fighting for a decade. He was diagnosed pinch aggregate myeloma 10 years ago.

“I’ve had a bad experience,” Brokaw tells Pauley of his illness. “I kept reasoning bad things wouldn’t hap to me. But arsenic I grew older, I began to create this condition. And what you effort to do is power it arsenic overmuch arsenic you can.” He says doctors did not deliberation he would make it to his existent age, 83 years.

He says nan illness forced him to locomotion distant from NBC News, moreover arsenic he enjoyed a benignant of elder-statesman position location aft his exit from anchoring “NBC Nightly News,” wherever he held distant from 1982 to 2004.

“I’ve had to alteration my life successful immoderate way,” he tells Pauley. “I really had to springiness up my regular activity pinch NBC. You know, I had to locomotion distant from them, arsenic they were stepping distant from me. I conscionable wasn’t nan aforesaid person. … And truthful for nan first clip successful my life, I was benignant of retired there, you know, successful a spot I had ne'er been successful my life.”

Brokaw and Pauley co-hosted NBC’s “Today” greeting programme betwixt 1976 and 1981. The question and reply is expected to aerial this Sunday connected CBS and besides watercourse for subscribers to Paramount+.