This 4K Projector Has Almost All Five-Star Reviews and Is On Sale for Just $179 |

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Portable projectors don’t ever travel cheap, particularly ones that support 4K streaming. But a caller Amazon woody gets you a marque caller portable 4K projector for conscionable $179.99.

The YABER Pro V9 is 1 of nan best-reviewed projectors online, pinch 94% of reviewers giving it a afloat five-star rating. Already well-priced astatine $299, a existent on-site Amazon coupon gets you a $120 discount astatine checkout, bringing nan value down to conscionable $179.

Note: nan woody was unrecorded arsenic of this penning but Amazon changes its waste pricing without informing truthful we urge adding to cart while nan coupon is still live.


YABER Pro V9 4K Projector $299.99 Buy Now On Amazon

The YABER tin formed a monolithic surface up to 300 inches successful size, making it awesome for some location viewing and backyard movie nights alike (its rugged building is besides designed to beryllium afloat dust-proof, though we don’t urge leaving it retired successful nan rain). The projector features autochthonal 1080p HD solution pinch support for 4K content, and nan 500-lumen lens intends contented comes done bully and bright.

The V9 delivers a ace precocious 20000:1 opposition ratio for fantabulous contrasts and detailing. Built-in auto-focus and a displacement gyroscope automatically set nan image value to guarantee that your contented stays crisp and clear.

To watch content, you tin either link nan projector to your laptop aliases phone, aliases plug successful a streaming stick (like nan Roku Streaming Stick aliases Amazon Fire TV Stick). You tin besides watercourse contented from your instrumentality via Bluetooth. The YABER uses nan upgraded Bluetooth 5.2 modular for amended pairing pinch less drops. The projector is besides compatible pinch Wi-Fi 6 routers, for faster speeds and little latency (lag).


YABER Pro V9 4K Projector $299.99 Buy Now On Amazon

This Amazon 4K projector deal gets you nan YABER Pro V9 Projector, a distant control, HDMI cable, AV cable, powerfulness cord, cleaning cloth and lens cover. Regularly $299+, usage nan Amazon coupon to get nan 4K projector on waste for conscionable $179 here.

This is nan lowest value we’ve seen for this YABER 4K projector and 1 of nan lowest prices for a top-rated 4K projector, period. See afloat specifications here.