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Adapted from nan video crippled of nan aforesaid name, HBO’s “The Last of Us” finds Pedro Pascal’s Joel successful a post-apocalyptic scenery not dissimilar “The Walking Dead,” nan zombie bid that gave Steven Yeun his breakout domiciled successful 2010. As Yeun returns to TV successful nan Netflix bid “Beef,” which chronicles a gnarly feud sparked by a roadworthy rage incident betwixt a contractor (Yeun) and a vengeful business proprietor (Ali Wong), he and Pascal talk humility (including Pascal’s faceless capacity successful “The Mandalorian”), shame and nan chaos of driving done Los Angeles connected 4/20.

Greg Swales for Variety

STEVEN YEUN: How overmuch did you cognize astir “The Last of Us”?

PEDRO PASCAL: Ugh, adjacent question.

YEUN: OK, cool.

PASCAL: I didn’t cognize thing astir nan game. The first things that came to maine were nan scripts written by Craig Mazin. I was like, “This communicative is amazing.” And my nephews were like, “It’s a video game, you idiot!”

YEUN: I consciousness weirdly connected to you successful a multitude of ways. One is erstwhile I was shooting “The Walking Dead” — a show that is benignant of spiritually connected to your show — nan Last of Us crippled came out, and I played it 12 hours straight.

PASCAL: Are you serious?

YEUN: I retrieve finishing it and past coming to group nan adjacent time being catatonic. Like, “Guys, I conscionable knowledgeable something.” And past to spot you play that part. You autumn into your characters successful a measurement that I deliberation is truthful gracious. Is it nan correct word?

PASCAL: It’s a very absorbing connection choice. Because, particularly erstwhile you mentioned “The Walking Dead,” I retrieve noticing you and being for illustration … This is going to sound really obnoxious.

YEUN: I’ll return it. I’ll return each of it.

PASCAL: I was like, “That guy’s a star.” So I’ve been drinking it successful thereafter.

YEUN: Oh, man. I’m surprised. The travel continues to beryllium a self-effacing one. That’s what I mean by your graciousness. I don’t spot judgement successful your performance. I spot existent emotion successful your performance. When I deliberation astir “The Mandalorian,” group could get really trapped by that role. Who among america is brave enough, and besides — I don’t want to state you up excessively overmuch — selfless enough? “I’m going to participate this characteristic that mightiness not person my look beryllium seen,” and past still onshore it successful a measurement that it doesn’t trap you. These characters are portion of your journey, arsenic opposed to eating you.

PASCAL: This is really going to beryllium a compliment fest because your observations are truthful good. “Beef” is simply a cleanable illustration of personification who is not being chased by zombies, he’s not flying a vessel done nan galaxies, but there’s conscionable truthful overmuch threat wrong nan averageness of his life. How galore group person been telling you their roadworthy rage stories? Because I person 1 that happened yesterday.

YEUN: I had 1 yesterday too.

Greg Swales for Variety

PASCAL: Yesterday was a day. It was my fault. I’ve had 3 incidents, and they’ve each been my fault. I trim personification off, and I look over, and there’s a large glob of saliva — for illustration ocular effects put it there, man — conscionable dripping down nan broadside of nan rider window. And my sister was like, “Fuck!”

YEUN: Holy shit. Like a glob from nan driver’s side? He conscionable hocked a difficult loogie astatine you?

PASCAL: He spit astatine me.

YEUN: What did you do?

PASCAL: I was successful shock. It didn’t trigger immoderate rage retired of me. It perfectly humbled maine and shocked me, frightened maine a small bit, disturbed me.

YEUN: I wonderment if your consciousness astir not reacting to that negatively is you recognizing that person’s trying to link pinch you successful immoderate way.

PASCAL: They want maine to portion successful their saliva. It made maine consciousness guilty. I was like, “Gosh, group are going done shit.”

YEUN: Yeah, particularly yesterday. I sewage flipped disconnected yesterday.

PASCAL: We’re going to move this into a chat connected Los Angeles postulation connected April 20. I was watching “Beef” pinch envy, successful position of really overmuch it reflects specified a surviving truth that tin hap anyplace but was happening to maine yesterday successful Los Angeles. Which made maine respect your capacity moreover much because I was like, “You’re nailing it.”

Greg Swales for Variety

YEUN: I consciousness for illustration nan task is always, arsenic difficult arsenic it tin be, to not wantonness your character. To really unrecorded successful their reality. I really look inward. “Where americium I? Where is nan portion of maine that profoundly understands this person? Where is my Danny? Where is that portion of maine that feels isolated aliases unsocial aliases cringe aliases gross aliases whatever?” I would locomotion up to group each time being like, “Fuck, I’ve sewage to do what? I’ve sewage to get dropped from a tree?” And everybody’s conscionable watching, and I look pathetic.

PASCAL: Was that challenging, aliases did you spot it arsenic an opportunity to thin into nan richness?

YEUN: I deliberation erstwhile I was younger, I was ever like, “Why are things happening to me?” And past increasing up and besides getting to do this work, you’re like, “Oh, things are happening for maine aliases done me.” It was this point wherever I had to usage my ain shame that I’m judge was connected to Danny successful that way, like, “Don’t ever bail connected Danny. Don’t ever bail connected people.”

PASCAL: I’m funny astir really overmuch you person to woody pinch yourself to fulfill an assignment. Because I don’t for illustration really dealing pinch myself very much.

YEUN: The measurement you approached Joel, nan capacity that I saw nan full clip was this extent of pain, guilt, shame, sadness, everything conscionable repressed down. And that’s a batch of soul work.

PASCAL: It’s benignant of nosy to person nan support to consciousness everything, incorporate it, aliases definitive it. Something that occurred to maine erstwhile you were talking astir process is really lonely it tin be. With age, successful immoderate instances, I’ve gotten benignant of scared. I tin consciousness for illustration I’m not successful it, and I don’t cognize really to get successful it, and I don’t cognize what I request to do to get successful it, different than conscionable breathe, not bail, fto each nan feelings beryllium and beryllium present.

YEUN: Have those performances ended up being immoderate of nan ones you watched back, and you’re like, “I liked what I did there”?

PASCAL: I person been watching little and less. That emotion that I get erstwhile I spot myself takes maine retired of nan acquisition successful a weird measurement that I conscionable don’t person nan patience for anymore. It tin beryllium edited successful a measurement that you person nary power over. You really person to springiness it perfectly everything and past springiness it up completely.

YEUN: How often does nan time style nan performance, moreover if it’s not straight correlated to what’s connected nan page? Sometimes I locomotion successful like, “I consciousness fucking bummed today.” But that works. There’s this subconscious process that happens that I’m not ever alert of.

PASCAL: I deliberation it’s truthful smart to thin into nan subconscious process. Because I’m inclined to power nan acquisition and nan very achy increasing acquisition of letting spell of expectation.

YEUN: I sewage to activity pinch this peculiar director, Lee Changdong. We were halfway done nan movie “Burning,” and he was like, “A movie makes itself.” And I was like, “I don’t cognize what that means, but OK.” He’s not trying to power anything. I retrieve we did this 1 dusk segment that we only had a 30-minute magic hr model to sprout each azygous time. And we changeable that complete nan people of a week. We changeable it, he watches it each back, and he’s like, “We’re going to do it again.” So we spell nan adjacent week and do nan aforesaid thing. And past each of a sudden, 1 of nan takes, a flock of geese alert past and bespeak disconnected nan windowpane. He’s like, “That’s it.” That’s not disposable to everybody.

PASCAL: We didn’t person immoderate of that. It was 12 months of “Ah, shit! Oh, well.” And really scary it was to cognize that you were going into an acquisition that was 12 months distant from location — pinch a teenager.

YEUN: Yeah. Bella Ramsey was unthinkable pinch you.

PASCAL: I could show they were cool. I knew that. I couldn’t person asked for a much anchoring, generous, thoughtful teenager. And I don’t mean to opportunity that successful a patronizing way. They were 17. They had their 18th day while we were shooting, and that could person sucked. I relied connected Bella for truthful overmuch of nan experience. We were some frightened and awkward astir that, but Bella conscionable inspired maine to beryllium mature astir it.

YEUN: That past frame, erstwhile they’re looking astatine you to spot if you’re telling nan truth. That’s a full travel lived together, each shades.

PASCAL: I really don’t deliberation I’ve met anybody for illustration Bella. They brought nan champion retired of maine arsenic a person.

YEUN: And nan symbiosis is they person their ain maturation from that acquisition too. That’s why this worldly is truthful unusual to maine sometimes. You activity pinch a deer, aliases a young child, and it’s truthful scary because they’ll show you if you’re clone each time. If you’re a liar, they’ll show you each time.

PASCAL: Can I inquire astir Ali? Your characters are isolated for truthful overmuch of it. How overmuch proximity did you person pinch 1 different done nan acquisition earlier you really had to face each different arsenic characters?

YEUN: Ali is my inverse successful a batch of ways. I deliberation a much naive, little knowledgeable type of myself would’ve tried to unit immoderate benignant of chemistry: “Let’s bent retired and do nan thing.” There was this level of professionalism that felt for illustration Ali was going to return attraction of her side, I was going to return attraction of my side, and each clip we travel together, there’s going to beryllium this absorbing tension. What I emotion astir Ali is she’ll propulsion you speech and conscionable talk shit.

PASCAL: It really is superb writing, because nan 2 opposing figures of your show yet extremity up successful quality together. Where was it successful nan schedule? Was it towards nan end?

YEUN: The schedule was gnarly because 1 day, I’m doing a segment from Episode 5, 8 and 2. And I’m like, “What nan hellhole is happening?” But Episode 10, we changeable by itself.

PASCAL: You guys were fulfilling a travel that is simply a conclusive opening of different journey. Getting them ace sick and precocious together, bringing them to their knees.

YEUN: Total submission.

PASCAL: Out-of-the-ass, out-of-the-mouth, out-of-the-mind, out-of-the-heart submission.

YEUN: I look astatine your finale successful nan aforesaid way.

PASCAL: I haven’t seen it.

YEUN: You haven’t seen it? You crushed it! It felt very lived in.

PASCAL: I saw it each up until then. I haven’t done thing for that magnitude of clip before, and truthful my attachment to nan acquisition is strange. As a feline who’s pushing 50, to consciousness this very innocent, semi-angry, affectional attachment to an acquisition that’s complete … It continues, but location will ne'er beryllium different gathering Bella for nan first time, moving pinch Craig, pinch nan full crew, pinch my friend Coco, who did my hair, and nan full family acquisition of it. I deliberation it was for illustration falling successful love, and astatine nan constituent wherever you’re like, “I don’t autumn successful love.” You know? Because it hurts excessively much.

Set Design: Lucy Holt; Production: Alexey Galetskiy/AGPNYC