‘The Voice’ Free Metaverse Experience Will Let Fans Audition for the Show, Compete in Virtual Music Battles, Win Prizes and More (EXCLUSIVE) | instastori.com

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Fans of “The Voice” will soon beryllium capable to jump into a caller immersive virtual world wherever they tin create music, show disconnected their dancing skills, compete successful battles, triumph integer merch — and moreover audition to beryllium connected an upcoming play of nan reality-competition series.

“The Voice Studios,” from ITV Studios and metaverse developer Virtual Brand Group, is group to debut May 12. The world motorboat of nan Roblox-style virtual world is timed for nan last weeks of Season 23 of “The Voice” connected NBC. Free for anyone to access, “The Voice Studios” will beryllium located successful Vegas City, nan intermezo destination successful metaverse level Decentraland (at this link). Its motorboat follows a virtual pop-up arena for “The Voice” past twelvemonth astatine nan Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival that besides was created by VBG.

In a specially created NBC metaverse instrumentality area successful “The Voice Studios,” fans will beryllium capable to audition utilizing their avatars for a imaginable slot connected a early play of nan network’s ITV-produced series. They besides tin triumph limited-edition virtual clothing — conscionable for illustration nan garb that personage coaches Kelly Clarkson, Chance nan Rapper, Niall Horan and Blake Shelton gift to their teams connected nan primetime show.

ITV Studios produces 148 different versions of “The Voice” astir nan world, including for NBC. The expertise to audition for “The Voice” successful nan metaverse acquisition will footwear disconnected successful nan U.S., but ITV Studios plans to bring that characteristic retired worldwide eventually.

“The Voice Studios” is group to motorboat pinch 5 experiences: Music Maker, wherever users tin people a way and compete to triumph prizes (or make euphony conscionable for fun); an immersive Musical Treasure Hunt; Dance Off; Rhythm Challenge; and a Music Trivia game.

Fans tin play games and navigate “The Voice Studios” connected their ain aliases participate successful head-to-head battles pinch others vying to beryllium nan apical gamer, dancer aliases creator. Fans themselves will ballot connected who yet gets crowned nan victor successful each category. The much contented and gameplay fans participate in, nan much features they tin unlock and chances location are to triumph “The Voice”-themed virtual MetaMerch.

“While very fewer group get to beryllium successful a workplace wherever ‘The Voice’ is being recorded, fto unsocial person a tailored gift from their favourite coach, it will now beryllium imaginable for each fans to get entree and person nosy successful this caller immersive experience,” said Lucie Stoffers, ITV Studios’ caput of marque licensing, world partnerships.

“The Voice Studios” represents “the early of entertainment, manner and youth-culture marketing,” according to VBG CEO Justin Hochberg. In nan company’s first metaverse acquisition for “The Voice” past autumn successful Decentraland, fans spent an mean of 49 minutes per convention — generating 13 times much engagement than emblematic societal media platforms, Hochberg claimed. “Building nan adjacent procreation pinch Vegas City that is bigger and amended for nan show, advertisers and fans was nan evident logical step,” he said.

Watch a teaser trailer for “The Voice Studios”: