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Flamin Hot - Spider-Man - Past Lives - Air

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Love stories, play dramas, nan origins of sneakers and an detonation of multiverses are among nan standout movies from nan first half of 2023 that could person nan legs to make it to adjacent year’s Oscar ceremony.

As we participate nan midpoint of nan almanac year, we move our attraction to which films look worthy of Academy recognition, based connected captious acclaim and buzz surrounding contenders. The database considers films that person had theatrical releases and standouts successful 19 of nan 23 Oscar categories.

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Of nan apical 10 highest-grossing films of 2023 truthful far, nan animated spectacle “Spider-Man: Across nan Spider-Verse” from Sony Pictures (currently sitting successful nan 3rd spot pinch $319 million) has nan champion changeable astatine reaching nan coveted champion image lineup. Other monolithic money-earners from nan database could person imaginable successful various artisan categories specified arsenic constitution and hairstyling (“Guardians of nan Galaxy Vol. 3”), sound (“John Wick: Chapter 4”), ocular effects (“The Little Mermaid”) and original opus (“The Super Mario Bros. Movie”).

Not that anyone should beryllium amazed anymore, but nan animated assemblage has been connected occurrence for nan past fewer years pinch innovative techniques and ultimate stories. Aside from “Across nan Spider-Verse” successful each eligible categories (and that includes directing, adapted screenplay, accumulation design, movie editing, sound, ocular effects and score), Netflix has a charmer connected its hands pinch “Nimona,” which seems destined for 1 of nan 5 animated characteristic slots if it tin prolong attraction for nan adjacent respective months.


Pixar’s “Elemental” didn’t rustle distant nan container office, but nan reviews are nevertheless beautiful solid. However, arsenic nan twelvemonth continues pinch much releases, specified arsenic its Walt Disney Animation counterpart “Wish” aliases nan upcoming “How Do You Live” from fable Hayao Miyazaki, it could move down nan charts arsenic much discoveries are made.

Another streaming contender is Ben Affleck’s highly-entertaining “Air” from Amazon Studios, successful which he stars alongside acting pal Matt Damon. A coagulated container agency (across much than 3,000 theaters) and very bully notices from critics should support it successful nan chat for a while and it could beryllium 1 of nan safe and astir straightforward picks among voters.

With nan Academy announcing a attraction connected expanding theatrical releases opening pinch nan 2025 ceremony, each eyes are connected nan indie studios, pinch galore rooting for their successes arsenic they proceed to find nan champion measurement to navigate this difficult clip for theatre chains. A24’s “Past Lives” from debut head Celine Song is nan clear darling of nan indie segment truthful acold aft its Sundance premiere. Now successful theaters, it has nan equipment to beryllium an all-around awards subordinate astatine nan extremity of nan year.

Wes Anderson’s “Asteroid City” from Focus Features has had a beardown commencement connected its theatrical run. However, contempt a starry formed (Tom Hanks, Scarlett Johansson, etc.), nan auteur’s foray into a subject fiction-esque taxable seems to beryllium falling successful statement pinch his erstwhile effort “The French Dispatch” (2021), which was unopen retired of nan Oscar race. I’d opportunity “City” will contend for a tech nom aliases two, but not overmuch else, but you tin ne'er really beryllium sure.

We should springiness a motion of acknowledgment to movies that debuted astatine movie festivals but are opening later successful 2023, specified arsenic Cannes standouts for illustration Martin Scorsese’s “Killers of nan Flower Moon,” Jonathan Glazer’s “The Zone of Interest,” Todd Haynes’ “May December” and nan Palme d’Or winning “Anatomy of a Fall” from Justine Triet — and Sundance players for illustration — Sony Pictures Classics’ “A Little Prayer,” Netflix’s “Fair Play” and Apple’s “Flora and Son.” We’ll apt perceive much astir them successful nan coming months.

Read nan database of probable contenders beneath successful each of nan 19 respective Oscar categories. Please note, to connection an opportunity to sanction much films, a movie is only mentioned erstwhile arsenic a apical highlight, moreover though it could beryllium contending successful respective races.

** Not each listed unit members are official. The Academy yet decides connected credits.

Read: Variety’s Awards Circuit for nan latest Oscar predictions successful each categories.