The Popular Bluetooth Speaker That Floats In the Pool Is On Sale for Just $19.99 |

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Summer is successful afloat plaything and if you want to support nan tunes going while you’re astatine nan formation aliases by nan pool, we urge picking up this portable speaker connected Amazon.

Made by Altec Lansing, a well-known audio brand, nan palm-sized speaker not only delivers loud, afloat sound, it’s besides fully waterproof and tin float successful h2o without skipping a beat. The champion part: nan floating speaker is just $19.99 correct now connected


Altec Lansing Mini H2O Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker $19.99 Buy Now On Amazon

Measuring conscionable 2 inches heavy and little than 10 inches wide, nan Mini H2O speaker pairs easy to your telephone via Bluetooth and provides up to six hours of playtime connected a azygous complaint (you tin besides support it plugged successful via nan USB charging cablegram to support nan tunes going non-stop).

Built for nan outdoors, nan wireless speaker is rated IP67 connected nan waterproofing scale, which is 1 of nan highest ratings fixed to electronics. In summation to being afloat submersible without damage, nan speaker is besides dust-proof, shock-proof and sand-proof, making it awesome for nan formation aliases campsite. The durable casing holds up to each your adventures and each environments pinch ease. A built-in carabiner lets you clip nan speaker onto your container aliases loop loop.

The Altec Lansing Waterproof Speaker is disposable successful six colors and at $19.99, it’s an easy pickup for your adjacent statement aliases roadworthy trip. It makes a awesome gift thought too. The Mini H20 speaker is 1 of nan most celebrated Blueooth speakers online too, pinch 70% of users giving it a five-star review.

At this price, nan waterproof speaker will move fast, truthful we urge adding to cart now. See afloat specifications here.