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The Bucheon movie festival’s Network of Asian Fantastic Films task marketplace wrapped up 3 days of meetings and pitching sessions connected Monday pinch a prize ceremonial that disbursed cash, post-production support and invitations to related genre movie events.

“The Passport,” a Tamil- and English-language Malaysian task astir an Indian rockstar who is forced to face taste expectations and her interactions pinch an imaginary friend, won nan header Bucheon Award for head Ananth Subramanian and shaper Bel Choo Mun. It was some a celebrated prime among different NAFF participants and nan unanimous determination of nan jury.

The numerical victor was “Please Bear With Me,” which saw head Gabriela Serrano and shaper Gale Osorio from nan Philippines cod 3 prizes. The task is simply a sci-fi and societal issues mash-up astir a telephone halfway operative who gets paid successful dream-time and uses it to relive her glory days arsenic a popular star. A clearly-surprised Serrano utilized her 2nd sojourn to nan shape to explicate nan film’s origins arsenic a heavy vexation pinch seeing Filipina women stuck astatine nan bottommost of nine and yet apologizing for their ambitions.

While nan BiFan Industry Gathering wrapped connected Monday, nan wider BiFan show continues till July 7.

Network of Asian Fantastic Films 2023 Project Market Awards

Bucheon Award (KRW15 million)
“Passport” Dir. Ananth Subramaniam. Prod. Bel Choo Mun (Malaysia)

Korean Discovery Award (KRW15 million)
“The Grotesque Train” Dir. Tak Sewoong. Prod. Kwon Jiyong (Korea)

Asian Discovery Award (shared)
“A Woman successful Flames” Dir. Nakagawa Natsuki. Prod. OGAWA Shinji (Japan)

“Please Bear With Me” Dir. Gabriela Serrano. Prods. Gale Osorio, Keith Deligero (Philippines)

NAFF Award (shared)
“Parasomnia” Dir. Rafki Hidayat. Prod. Kevin Rahardjo (Indonesia)

“Planet” Dir. Fredrik S. Hana. Prod. Julia Joner (Norway)

NAFF Korean Award (KRW10 million) (shared)
“Idiot Girls and School Ghost: School Anniversary” Dir. Kim Minha. Prod. Park Sejoon

“Show Me nan Liver” Dir. Kim Jeongho. Prod. Son Seunghyeon

TAICCA Award ($10,000)
“Sesame Has Its Soul” Dir. Oscar Duong. Prod. Hang Trinh (Korea, Vietnam)

DHL Award ($5,000)
“Lake of Stars” Dir. Jake Wachtel. Prod. Visal Sok (Cambodia)

VIPO Award (JPY500,000)
“Maiden Home” Dir. Sinn Kirin. Prods. Thim Kian Cheng, Saurav Ghimire, Grégoire Graesslin.
(Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia)

Post-Production support
Mocha Chai Award (Post-Production Support)
“Please Bear With Me” Dir. Gabriela Serrano. Prods. Gale Osorio, Keith Deligero (Philippines)

In-kind support
Blood Window Award (Invitation to Ventana Sur)
“Planet” Dir. Fredrik S. Hana. Prod. Julia Joner (Norway)

Sitges FanPitch Award (Invitation to Sitges)
“Please Bear With Me” Dir. Gabriela Serrano. Prods. Gale Osorio, Keith Deligero (Philippines)