The Once-Reviled Birkenstock Clog Has Become the Shoe of the Summer |

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It’s difficult to deliberation of a brand, aliases a sartorial inclination successful general, that has had a bigger comeback than nan Birkenstock — first pinch their signature Arizona Slide Sandals (or “jesus sandals”), and much precocious pinch their Boston Clogs, which has go truthful celebrated successful nan decades since its 1979 launch, that prime styles now spell for astir double their unit value connected nan aftermarket.

The centuries-old German footwear marque whitethorn person primitively marketed themselves arsenic utilitarian “health products” for an older demo, but nan marque has since grown a robust, almost cultish pursuing among nan astir stylish (and surely non-geriatric) set, solidifying their spot successful nan manner zeitgeist — possibly conscionable nether nan Adidas Samba.

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For a while, nan dwindling proviso of nan Boston Clog was impervious capable of its popularity. The bestselling exemplary was perpetually retired of banal connected nan website, which became a competitory hunting crushed for trend-spotters looking to adhd nan comfy exemplary arsenic a staple to their wardrobe. Bold-faced names specified arsenic Seth Rogen, Paul Mescal, Frank Ocean and A$AP Rocky person each been seen wearing nan coveted style, only adding to its popularity.

But it didn’t return agelong for nan institution to return statement and, pinch nan thief of immoderate TikTok virality, they soon upped their inventory. Clearly, gatekeeping isn’t portion of nan Birkenstock ethos.

Like nan Arizona Slides, what makes nan Boston clogs truthful typical is its diverseness successful their customers. Their versatility allows you to brace them pinch thing from an ankle-length achromatic skirt to denim shorts to cargos to oversized dada jeans.

To that past point, they tin beryllium considered different summation to nan increasing database of dada shoes that person go ubiquitous complete nan past 2 years, for illustration New Balance and Hoka sneaks.But dissimilar different dada shoes, which mostly mention to shoes that look lame connected dads and someway stylish connected their 20-something daughters, nan Boston clogs look bully connected anyone — and successful fact, make nan cleanable Father’s Day gift for a dada looking to up his style.

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