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Goodbye, angels.

“The Idol” — aliases astatine slightest its first play — came to a conclusion aft 5 episodes connected Sunday night, but not without nan accustomed dose of darkly intersexual ups and downs for its jewel-eyed, rat-tailed stars.

Titled “Jocelyn Forever,” nan section originates pinch Jocelyn (Lily-Rose Depp) astatine her home, moving connected a opus pinch prolific Mike Dean (played by himself). As she sings lyrics Tedros (Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye) prompted her to constitute — “My kinda emotion / Force me, choke maine ’till I walk out” — it becomes clear that nan ex-pimp’s coke wont has caught up to him. Sweating, pinch his hairsbreadth opening to autumn retired of his celebrated rat-tail, he interrupts nan jam convention to springiness immoderate notes. Jocelyn lets him cognize he isn’t invited to do that anymore.

“You’re gonna footwear retired your only root of inspiration?” Tedros jeers. Jocelyn shoots back, “I deliberation you’ve served your purpose.”

Their whirlwind romance is complete aft Jocelyn realized astatine her caller location party that Tedros had worked pinch her backup dancer Dyanne (Jennie Kim) to not only bargain her azygous “World Class Sinner,” but to infiltrate Jocelyn’s life and home. For vengeance, she slept pinch her ex-boyfriend Rob (Karl Glusman) arsenic Tedros listened done nan door.

But knowing that Tedros and his crew’s entranceway into her orbit was orchestrated à la Taylor Swift’s “Mastermind” isn’t a full nonaccomplishment for Jocelyn, who adores nan followers who moved into her location pinch Tedros. Later successful nan episode, erstwhile Live Nation executive Andrew Finkelstein (Eli Roth) says he’s coming complete to talk Jocelyn’s upcoming circuit (and whether she’s mentally unchangeable capable to do it), Jocelyn invites Izaak (Moses Sumney), Chloe (Suzanna Son) and Ramsey (Ramsey) to beryllium her opening act. Tedros is livid that he wasn’t alerted astir nan gathering aliases consulted astir nan openers, but nary of nan underlings respond arsenic their leader lashes out. Jocelyn has stolen his cult retired from nether him: “These are my group now.”

There’s 1 outlier: Tedros has a hushed speech Xander (Troye Sivan), whose spot he gained astatine nan extremity of nan past episode, telling him he can’t fto Jocelyn trim him retired of nan tour.

Jocelyn gets glammed up while nan remainder of nan location prepares for nan meeting, wearing arsenic small clothing arsenic imaginable per Tedros’ instructions. Bianca (Bianca Ghezzi) plays cocktail waitress for nan night, practically giving Finkelstein a thigh dance. Upon gathering grounds explanation executive Nikki (Jane Adams) for nan literal first time, Tedros calls her a “Judas” and a “cunt” for signing Dyanne without consulting him first. Fink squirms and threatens to time off if Jocelyn doesn’t look soon, but 1 of Jocelyn’s managers, Destiny (Da’Vine Joy Randolph) convinces him, her co-manager Chaim and Nikki to enactment and watch Jocelyn’s caller openers perform. The impromptu amateur showcase is awkward astatine first, but nan talent connected show is undeniable and Fink starts to portion nan Kool-Aid.

Meanwhile, Jocelyn’s assistant-slash-BFF Leila (Rachel Sennot) is successful crisis. She’s been trying to get Jocelyn’s attraction each day, and we spot why arsenic she steps retired to return a telephone call: Rob, an character pinch an upcoming superhero movie, has been accused of raping personification astatine Jocelyn’s party. Leia promises Rob that she believes his innocence, and panics erstwhile she realizes that it’s Xander’s “friend” who framed him.

Back inside, Chaim and Destiny susurration astir really they tin monetize Chloe, Izaak and Ramsey’s talents while Nikki and Tedros do nan aforesaid connected nan different broadside of nan couch. Leia confronts an apathetic Xander, and soon, Nikki sounds a header astir Rob aloud to nan group, which now includes Jocelyn. A azygous tear runs down Jocelyn’s look arsenic she looks astatine Tedros, who tin hardly conceal his grin. She doesn’t cognize astir Xander’s involvement, but it’s still evident to her that nan full strategy trails backmost to Tedros. Jocelyn freezes arsenic everyone discusses Rob being digitally removed from his movie, and connected Tedros’ cue, Xander takes nan opportunity to make his large return to singing aft Jocelyn’s mother (and perchance Jocelyn herself) took that dream distant from him agelong ago. Jocelyn runs retired of nan room, grabbing Tedros to face him astir Rob, and telling him him (for nan 3rd clip this episode) that he needs to get retired of her house. She re-enters nan capacity room and whispers to Chaim to “pay [Tedros] immoderate he wants to get retired of [her] life forever.

As Fink declares that Jocelyn’s will beryllium “the circuit of nan century,” she pulls Xander into a hug while making oculus interaction pinch Tedros done nan doorway, signaling that she control’s Xander’s career, not him. She sets up to springiness a capacity of her ain arsenic Chaim makes Tedros a portion and tells a souped-up type of “Little Red Riding Hood,” casting himself arsenic nan huntsman who saves Red and brutally murders nan Big Bad Wolf.

Jocelyn plays 1 of her caller singles and performs her ain choreography, choking herself, pulling her ain hairsbreadth and giving Fink a 2nd near-lap dance. As Fink looks simultaneously turned connected and terrified, equipped guards propulsion Tedros into a car outside, wherever he ceremoniously rips up a $500,000 cheque offered by Chaim successful speech for leaving their lives forever. Grinning, Chaim initiates what he calls “Plan B.”

Chaim tells Jocelyn that he paid Tedros off, but alternatively goes to meet up pinch Vanity Fair journalist Talia (Hari Nef), promising her a large story. Leia packs a container and leaves a statement connected Jocelyn’s bed, presumably quitting her job. And Nikki meets pinch Dyanne, telling her that nan label, for undisclosed ineligible reasons, won’t beryllium capable to merchandise her azygous aft all. As nan elevator doors adjacent connected her, a heartbroken Dyanne asks, “It was Jocelyn, wasn’t it?”

Then we jump six weeks into nan future. At Los Angeles’ SoFi stadium, Chaim, Nikki and Fink laughter astir utilizing Talia to get free of Tedros, who has apparently mislaid ownership of his nine aft Vanity Fair’s large communicative astir his criminal history. But he’s not arsenic acold distant arsenic they think. While Chloe, Izaak, Ramsey and Xander rehease their opening performance, a meek Tedros checks into nan stadium pinch a walk near for him by Jocelyn — nether his existent name, Mauricio Jackson. Destiny is waiting for him, informing that she doesn’t attraction astir his past but that she’ll termination him if he hurts Jocelyn.

The mates reunites, pinch Jocelyn saying, “None of this intends arsenic overmuch without you.” After they embrace, Tedros notices thing connected nan counter: “Did you opportunity this was nan brushwood your mom hit you with? It’s marque new.” Jocelyn conscionable smiles. The accusation seems to beryllium that her stories astir her mother weren’t wholly true, and that she’s been successful power nan full time.

That’s really it feels onstage, too. Shocking her team, she originates her performance by introducing her fans to “the emotion of [her] life,” and brings Tedros onstage. They kiss, and pleased pinch herself, she tells him, “You’re excavation forever. Now spell guidelines complete there.”

Looking defeated, he complies.