The Go-Go’s Charlotte Caffey Sells Catalog to Seeker Music (EXCLUSIVE) |

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Seeker Music has acquired nan masters and publishing catalog of Charlotte Caffey, lead guitarist and a superior songwriter of pioneering all-female group and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members nan Go-Go’s. Caffey co-wrote immoderate of nan group’s biggest hits and was nan sole songwriter connected its signature song, “We Got nan Beat.” Since its merchandise successful 1981, nan opus has go nan group’s astir successful and most-covered track. She besides had a manus successful penning nan group’s hits “Head Over Heels,” “Vacation,” “How Much More” and “Turn to You.”

Beyond her activity pinch The Go-Go’s, Caffey has besides written songs covered by specified artists arsenic Keith Urban (the state deed “But for nan Grace of God”) and her Go-Go’s bandmate Belinda Carlisle, arsenic good arsenic successful nan movie and TV space, wherever she’s written respective taxable songs, including for the “Clueless” TV series.

Terms of nan woody were not disclosed.

Seeker Music CEO Evan Bogart — pictured above, 2nd from correct pinch (L-R_ Seeker Music’s Steven Melrose, Caffey, and advisor Michael Rosenblatt — said of nan acquisition, “At Seeker we prioritize passion and strategy, and only put successful nan songs that maine and my squad perfectly love, and are excited astir celebrating. Charlotte’s catalog goes supra and beyond those ‘requirements’ – her songwriting is timeless, she’s paved nan measurement for female musicians and songwriters successful this manufacture for astir 45 years, and nan full world has been inspired by her euphony successful fundamentally each imaginative space. I’m truthful grateful and honored that she has entrusted america pinch her unthinkable catalog.”

Caffey said, “I instantly connected pinch Evan connected our emotion of songwriters and songwriting. He besides understands that though this is simply a business woody it is highly individual astatine nan aforesaid time. I americium very happy to beryllium portion of nan Seeker family.

The woody was brokered by seasoned executives Michael Rosenblatt and David Simone. 

In summation to Caffey’s songs, Seeker’s catalog includes nan afloat useful of Christopher Cross, Run nan Jewels’ first 3 albums, nan catalogs of apical modern songwriters Jon Belllion, John Ryan, Mozella, Teddy Geiger via nan Bunettas’ Family Affair, and others.