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Even arsenic a kid, Geoff Keighley felt profoundly connected to video crippled music. He fell successful emotion pinch franchises for illustration “Space Quest” and “Monkey Island” and wanted them to sound moreover better. “I bought a typical sound paper called nan Roland MT-32, which allowed maine to perceive to nan MIDI euphony successful games pinch amended results for integer music,” he recalls pinch a smile.

Ten years aft founding The Game Awards, Keighley is bringing that passion to nan forefront pinch The Game Awards 10-Year Celebration, a unrecorded performance astatine nan Hollywood Bowl connected June 25. The one-night-only event, curated alongside nan LA Phil, will characteristic orchestral selections from “Final Fantasy,” “League of Legends,” “Diablo” and more.

The concert’s lead composer and conductor Lorne Balfe says involving nan creatives down these games and their scores is cardinal to mounting this show isolated — and an acquisition that’s much uncommon than 1 whitethorn think. “Sometimes, we don’t moreover get asked if our euphony wants to get performed. It conscionable happens, and you spot a video of it being performed location pinch a banjo and a kazoo. You beryllium location and dice inside, because you conscionable cognize nan assemblage is being fto down by it. It’s cheapening it,” he tells Variety.

“What’s managed to hap pinch this squad is that there’s awesome value control. Everybody from nan developer broadside to nan composer broadside of it are each involved. The performances aren’t conscionable simply an orchestra playing it. A batch of it has nan musicians who appeared successful nan due soundtrack performing pinch it,” Balfe adds.

“The musicians and composers are unsung heroes,” says executive shaper Kimmie Kim. “There’s a immense organization down it. We don’t get to item it successful our three-hour unrecorded show. So this is 1 of nan ways to convey them and springiness them nan in installments they deserve.”

One specified composer, Gustavo Santaolalla, will bring his euphony from “The Last of Us” to nan Bowl. Fans of nan crippled bid aliases HBO adjustment will spot an wholly caller mentation of nan score, replacing plucky guitars pinch a robust orchestra.

“A batch of nan crippled companies and composers person created civilization suites and medleys for this show,” Keighley says. “It’s not conscionable taking nan opus you perceive connected Spotify and playing it pinch an orchestra. You’ll spot really unsocial pieces put together by nan composers that blend aggregate themes together.”

The evening won’t beryllium made up wholly of crippled scores, though. Tenacious D, Jack Black and Kyle Gass’ drama stone duo, will besides perform. “They person this caller opus out, ‘Video Games,’ which is conscionable unthinkable and fun. As soon arsenic we heard it, we were like, ‘Maybe things could activity retired for them to beryllium astatine nan Bowl?’” Keighley says. “We’re thrilled to person them. Jack, especially, has been a monolithic instrumentality and protagonist of video games for decades and really loves them. Just having him successful nan location I deliberation is going to adhd an awesome energy.”

“Everyone is coming together here, uniting, and that’s really what our marque of The Game Awards is about,” Keighley adds. “It’s going to beryllium a really eclectic, astonishing concert.”