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The CW is group to go nan first U.S. broadcaster to aerial nan deed Biblical epic bid “The Chosen.”

The 3 existing seasons of nan bid will statesman airing connected nan web connected July 16 astatine 8 p.m. ET/PT. It will proceed airing successful that timeslot passim nan remainder of nan year, pinch nan Season 3 finale scheduled to aerial connected Christmas Eve. A 4th play of nan bid is presently successful production, pinch 7 seasons planned.

News of nan bid uncovering a U.S. broadcast location comes little than 3 weeks aft it was announced that Lionsgate had acquired nan sub-licensing distribution authorities worldwide for nan series. It hails from creator, director, and shaper Dallas Jenkins. The show tells nan communicative of Jesus, played by Jonathan Roumie, done nan eyes of his followers.

“’The Chosen’ is based connected nan biggest IP of each clip and is genuinely a one-of-a-kind bid that tells this historically important communicative successful a captivating, melodramatic and premium way,” said Brad Schwartz, president of intermezo for The CW. “This show has already connected profoundly pinch viewers astir nan world, and The CW will grow its assemblage moreover further.”

“The Chosen” started retired arsenic a crowdsourcing task and has quickly grown into a superior hit. It has reportedly racked up complete 110 cardinal viewers who person watched astatine slightest 1 section since it first launched. It has besides pulled successful $35 cardinal astatine nan container agency successful typical arena theatrical releases. Seasons 1 and 2 are disposable to watercourse connected Peacock and Amazon Prime Video, while Season 1 is besides connected Netflix. It is besides disposable successful France connected Canal+, nan Netherlands connected NPO, Spain connected MovieStar and Poland connected TVP.

“The CW has ever been bold and unique, which is cleanable for us,” said Jenkins. “Plus, Brad Schwartz made it clear a while agone he loves and respects ‘The Chosen,’ truthful we cognize it’ll beryllium successful awesome hands.”

The Come and See Foundation will clasp and negociate licensing authorities for nan show for each activities wrong nan non-profit sector. After immoderate theatrical release, nan Angel Studios app and “The Chosen” app person world exclusive authorities successful nan first model for each existing and early seasons

“As portion of our world practice of this coveted property, we are pleased that The CW will go different awesome partner for ‘The Chosen,’” said Lionsgate president of worldwide tv distribution Jim Packer. “This groundbreaking bid already has a monolithic world following, and The CW level will supply nan cleanable opportunity for nan show to scope existing fans and animate caller ones.”

This marks nan 2nd high-profile acquisition for The CW this week. The web antecedently announced it would beryllium nan new location for “Inside nan NFL” starting successful September. The CW has mostly moved distant from original scripted programming, pinch its 2023 autumn schedule filled mostly pinch unscripted programming and overseas acquisitions.

However, successful an interview pinch Variety, Schwartz said that nan web is still very overmuch successful nan scripted business, saying that they are presently successful “phase one” of nan caller CW.