Telemundo Adds Starry Telenovelas ‘El Conde,’ ‘Vuelve a Mi’ and Turkish Co-Productions for 2023-24 Slate |

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Telemundo will adhd 2 starry telenovelas, “El Conde: Amor y Honor” and “Vuelve a Mi,” and a ninth play of its deed play bid “El Señor de los Cielos” to its 2023-24 primetime slate.

Telemundo is bringing prima Fernando Colunga backmost to nan surface aft a multi-year break from novelas for “El Conde,” an established novela format. Telemundo’s rotation is simply a play play group successful nan 1930s and ’50s, revolving astir a man who is thought to person died successful jailhouse but turns up 17 years later to nan astonishment of his family and associates. Other formed members see Ana Brenda Contreras, Marjorie de Sousa, Chantal Andere and Sergio Sendel. It was changeable stages and connected location

“Vuelve a Mi” is besides a high-budget production, a love-triangle enigma revolving astir characters who lives intertwine aft a woman’s boy is kidnapped. The series, group to tally astir 90 episodes, stars William Levy, Samadhi Zendejas and Kimberly Dos Ramos.

Telemundo will unveil nan 2 bid on pinch different programming plans for nan coming play connected nan evening of May 15, arsenic portion of NBCUniversal’s presentations to advertisers to footwear disconnected nan industry’s accepted upfronts week successful New York.

Karen Barroeta, executive VP of NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises, said Telemundo was focused connected bringing established stars for illustration Colunga and beardown accumulation values for nan screen. Telemundo novela formats are often imported from Latin American producers and broadcasters. But nan web has been focused for much than a decade connected targeting U.S.-born Hispanics pinch shows and stories crafted specifically for Latinos who unrecorded a multicultural acquisition successful nan U.S.

Telemundo has been connected a rotation complete nan past twelvemonth acknowledgment successful portion to its World Cup 2022 coverage. The web still enjoys a precocious proportionality of its viewing connected nan unrecorded linear network, alternatively than via on-demand streamers. Telemundo has a beingness connected NBCUniversal’s Peacock platform.

“We’ve achieved nan numbers — luckily we sewage higher ratings than we projected,” Barrroeta said. “All we tin do is effort to get nan champion bid retired there. We’re betting connected getting shows that group really attraction astir and group consciousness connected to. We are very authentic successful nan measurement bring characters to life and divers successful nan type of characters we develop.”

Telemundo has besides group its first co-production pinch Turkey’s Inter Medya, and it has licensed different Turkish scripted series. Turkey continues to turn into a important overseas marketplace for studios and streamers, and it’s section accumulation infrastructure is exporting much and much formats.

** “Trapped successful a Blue Cage”: The first premium bid to consequence from Telemundo Global Studios’ co-production statement pinch Turkey’s Inter Medya. In this suspense drama, Oğuz has mislaid his woman and resettled pinch his children successful a coastal municipality wherever destiny has him prevention a young female by nan sanction of Defne and bring her into his home.

** “Secretos de Sangre:” This deed Turkish bid revolves astir a fearless lawyer and a respected charismatic whose paths transverse during a crime investigation.