Teaser Unveiled for Cannes Competition’s Sole Feature Debut ‘Banel & Adama’ (EXCLUSIVE) | instastori.com

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Sales banner Best Friend Forever has unveiled nan teaser for Ramata Toulaye-Sy’s buzzed-about Senegalese play “Banel & Adama,” which is nan sole characteristic debut slated for nan title astatine nan Cannes Film Festival.

The lushly lensed female emancipation drama, group to front connected May 20, takes spot successful a distant colony of Northern Senegal wherever Banel and Adama are fiercely successful love. Longing for a location of their own, they person decided to unrecorded isolated from their families. When Adama refuses his humor work arsenic early main and informs nan colony assembly of his intentions, nan full organization is disrupted and chaos ensues.

The movie was changeable successful Pulaar connection pinch a formed of section non-professional actors, including Khady Mane, Mamadou Diallo, Binta Racine Sy and Moussa Sow.

Toulaye-Sy said she wanted nan movie to show a tragic emotion communicative that would beryllium relatable to everyone. The helmer, who studied astatine France’s prestigious movie schoolhouse La Femis, said she was besides willing successful mounting nan action successful Senegal wherever her parents are from. “When I started moving connected nan script, I felt that astir modern African films I watched were dealing pinch violence, war, coercion and poverty… and were each made pinch a naturalistic aesthetic,” she said.

“That’s erstwhile I realized that I had this desire to make a cosmopolitan that would speak to Africans but not only. I’ve been passionate astir lit since my puerility and I dreamed of a awesome tragedy, a tale, weaved pinch magic realism and poetry,” Toulaye-Sy continued. She besides said she felt proud to beryllium to a caller procreation of African filmmakers who are making different kinds of movies, mixing play and genre elements, for illustration Mati Diop, whose Senegalese shade movie “Atlantics” won nan Jury Prize astatine Cannes successful 2019.

Toulaye-Sy antecedently directed nan short movie “Astel” which played astatine Toronto, New Directors/New Films and Clermont, wherever it won nan Special Jury award, among 80 festivals to date. She besides co-wrote “Our Lady of nan Nil” which played astatine Toronto, and “Sibel” which played astatine Locarno and Toronto.

“Banel & Adama” was produced by Eric Névé and Maud Leclair Névé astatine nan Paris-based institution La Chauve-Souris (“The Pirogu”), Margaux Juvénal astatine Take Shelter. Souleymane Kébé astatine Astou Production is co-producing. Tandem will merchandise nan movie successful France.

The unit includes nan editor Vincent Tricon (“Divines”), cinematographer Amine Berrada (“The Unknown Saint”) and euphony composer Bachar Mar-Khalifé (“My Brothers and I,” “Skies of Lebanon”).