TeamTO Advances on ‘Jade Armor’ Season 2 (EXCLUSIVE)  |

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French CGI workplace TeamTO, 1 of nan biggest animation studios successful Europe, has initiated improvement connected “Jade Armor” Season Two.

The move comes arsenic TeamTO has produced connected a work ground 3rd statement IPs ranging from “Kiya & nan Kimoja Heroes” to Netflix deed “The Creature Cases.” 

Progress connected “Jade Armor” TeamTO is made successful nan aftermath of its moving past December into a marque caller 2,700 square-meter (29,063 square-foot) workplace installation successful nan Bastille territory successful Paris, as, successful its busiest twelvemonth ever, TeamTO is producing 5 third-party shows. Five more, each TeamTO original series, are airing astir nan globe.

Parallel to this, TeamTO is offering connected unfastened entree its cutting-edge technologies and protocol which tin importantly trim power consumption.

A martial arts action comedy, “Jade Armor’s” communicative premise is fantasy, turning connected Lan Jun, an improbable Chinese teen leader who inherits a magical suit of armor which allows her to protect her metropolis Ban Tang, pinch nan assistance of Beasticon talking animal friends. The conflict nan heinous designs of Crimson Lord whose shards of his armor play havoc successful nan metropolis, and past Black Tiger.

At nan bosom of Season One, premiered connected Cartoon Network UK connected Jan. 9, is nan characteristic of Jade herself, a beardown girl, arsenic head Chloe Miller puts it, whose cliche-busting successful being “just an mean woman who likes pinkish and likes to fight, likes to watch shot games and overgarment her nails,” Miller noted.

“Jade Armor’s” first 26 half-hour Season One besides stood retired for female-led imaginative team. On Season Two, M.J. Offen and Ghislaine Pujol service arsenic caput writers and Chloe Miller arsenic director. The purpose is to people a Season Two greenlight and astir apt statesman accumulation successful September, said TeamTO co-founder Corinne Kouper. 

Kiya & nan Kimoja Heroes Courtesy of TeamTO

“The show has worked very good some successful France and Germany,” wherever it was aired connected pubic broadcaster France Télévisions and Super RTL, she told Variety in nan tally up to Annecy.

France Télévisions and Super RTL, some Season One co-producers, are connected committee for Season Two, she added. Rapidly pursuing is launch, nan first play quickly made nan apical 5 successful France and Germany.

The latest news connected “Jade Armor” Season Two improvement comes as, successful immoderate of its latest moves, TeamTO has produced animation connected “Kiya & nan Kimoja Heroes,” created by Kelly Dillon, Marc Dey and Robert Vargas. Bowing connected Disney Junior connected March 22, and produced by Triggerfish Animation Studios, Frog Box Productions, Entertainment One UK, and Walt Disney EMEA Productions, it is group successful South Africa wherever 3 champion friends, Kiya, Jay, and Motsie, emotion to creation and don superhero cogwheel erstwhile needs be.

A Bumper Slate

As a work company, TeamTO is besides producing animation for Sony Pictures Television–Kids’ “The Creature Cases,” made for Netflix, whose first section premiered connected Netflix successful April 2022, making nan streamer’s world Top 10 successful its opening fortnight.  

TeamTO is besides moving arsenic as work workplace connected Plarium’s “Raid: Call of nan Arbiter,” airing connected YouTube; DreamWorks’ “Dew Drop Diaries” besides for Netflix; and Season 6 of eOne/Frogbox’ mega deed “PJ Masks.” 

Of TeamTO original series, a adjacent half twelve are presently airing astir nan globe including Emmy-nominated “Angelo Rules, Season 5,” “Jade Armor,” nan short format “Behind nan Beats” and “Mighty Mike,” which has tally to 78 episodes; and “Presto! School of Magic.” 

Several book authorities deals will soon beryllium announced. Two much shows will beryllium sounded astatine Cartoon Forum and Mip Junior.

The Creature Cases Courtesy of TeamTO

Growth Drivers

One cardinal to melodramatic maturation is “our attraction to details,” said TeamTO president-CEO Guillaume Hellouin, who founded nan institution pinch Kouper successful 2005. 

The crux, however, whitethorn beryllium “talent guidance and dense finance successful R&D,” he added. “We person tons of artists that joined america caller from school. Now they person almost 20 years of acquisition and we still activity pinch them.” 

In-house package allows animators to animate 20% quicker. “Pushing for nan aforesaid fund and aforesaid schedule, they tin push nan value by 20%. And that makes a large quality connected screen,” Hellouin said.

Production guidance package uses A.I. to let producers to person a clear and up to day existent clip imagination of their show successful position of fund and schedule, he added.

In nan latest innovation, pursuing a operation of policies, protocols and exertion – choosing nan workplace location based connected commuting distances and entree of its 200+ labor to trim travel; utilizing only recycled wood successful nan construction; greenish areas that require minimal h2o while providing vertebrate and insect ecosystems; hot-fridge systems successful spot of microwaves, TeamTO explains –  the c footprint of its Paris workplace is 63% smaller than accepted facilities. 

TeamTO is now processing interface devices betwixt each accumulation guidance package and information halfway cooling systems to minimize power usage. It will connection nan devices arsenic an unfastened root to third-party companies.

“Anyone successful nan manufacture aliases successful different industry, if they person a information center, they tin usage nan interface to optimize programme consumption,” Hellouin said.

As streaming services pare backmost original production, TeamTO “continues to stake connected and activity pinch much accepted section channels. Active, they are much focused connected being progressive upstream securing shows, said Patricia de Wilde, TeamTO head of trading and caller business. “For kids, shows are agnostic arsenic to wherever they tin beryllium seen. For nan astir part, a kid wants to watch circumstantial shows. What’s important is to get nan shows they love. They mightiness commencement connected a section work and past move to a level and past spell backmost to local,” she added.