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Nearly 7 months aft Migos rapper Takeoff was shot and killed astatine a Houston bowling alley, his mother, Titania Davenport, has revenge a negligence suit against nan venue.

Takeoff (real name: Kirsnick Khari Ball), was killed astatine a late-night arena successful downtown Houston connected Nov. 1 aft being changeable aggregate times. Harris County Police said successful a property convention that Takeoff was an “innocent bystander” of nan statement that led to his death, and now his family is holding nan venue accountable for failing to supply capable information that night.

On June 7, Davenport revenge a suit astatine nan Texas territory tribunal against nan spot owners of 810 Billiards & Bowling, noting that nan defendants were informed nan arena required other information and would tie a ample crowd, galore of whom would beryllium celebrities, but “provided nary screening mechanisms, nary after-hour controls aliases information measures, and nary enforcement of rules aliases manufacture standards to deter crime against their invitees, to see [Takeoff].”

The suit adds, “Defendants knew aliases should person known that a important number of convulsive crimes were committed astatine nan taxable premises and successful nan surrounding area, but negligently grounded to protect invitees for illustration [Takeoff] from nan risks of convulsive crime. Moreover, successful summation to anterior crimes, Defendants negligently grounded to return basal and unsocial precautions owed to nan circumstantial arena and nan attendees. Specifically, Defendants knew that based connected nan quality of nan party, celebrities would much apt than not beryllium successful attendance and perchance beryllium nan targets of crime. Defendants negligently represented due information would beryllium successful place, erstwhile successful truth nary was; this caused galore group to travel to nan arena without concern.”

Takeoff’s mother, who besides manages her son’s estate, is seeking much than $1 cardinal successful monetary alleviation and a proceedings by assemblage for damages including individual injury, wrongful death, ceremonial expenses and intelligence anguish.

In precocious May, nan man accused of committing nan crime, 33-year-old Patrick Xavier Clark, was indicted for murder by a Harris County expansive assemblage pursuing his apprehension successful Houston last December.