Survival Thriller ‘Out Come the Wolves’ Starts Canada Shoot, Altitude to Launch Sales at Cannes Film Market (EXCLUSIVE) |

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Principal photography has commenced connected Adam MacDonald’s endurance thriller “Out Come nan Wolves.”

The feral feature, which will beryllium changeable connected location successful Dundas, Ontario passim May, follows nan communicative of a female who takes her fiancé to a secluded compartment to meet her champion antheral friend, earlier things return a acheronian move during a hunting trip.

The movie is represented for world by Altitude Film Sales, who will beryllium discussing nan movie pinch buyers astatine nan upcoming Cannes Film Market.

MacDonald’s credits see “Backcountry”, which had its world premiere astatine nan Toronto International Film Festival and “Pyewacket”, which besides debuted astatine TIFF. He besides directed nan 3rd and 4th seasons of “Slasher” and nan upcoming play 5 for AMC’s Shudder. Most recently, he completed directing nan first virtual reality scary movie acquisition for Meta entitled “Be Mine.”

“Out Come nan Wolves” reunites MacDonald pinch Missy Peregrym, who starred successful “Backcountry” and nan formed besides includes Joris Jarsky “(God’s Country”) and Damon Runyan (“Star Trek: Discovery”). The screenplay was written by Enuka Okuma from a communicative by Jarsky, MacDonald and Okuma.

The movie is produced by High Park Entertainment and December Films, pinch Eric Birnberg, Thomas Walden, Todd Berger and Thomas Vencelides arsenic producers. MacDonald reunites pinch his head of photography, Christian Bielz, and world-renowned wolf wrangler Andrew Simpson and his wolves besides play a cardinal domiciled successful nan film. Lee Malia of nan acclaimed stone set Bring Me nan Horizon is nan film’s composer.

“’Out Come nan Wolves’ had a agelong gestation period. We’ve been dreaming of this task for astir a decade and it was opening to consciousness for illustration our ain ‘Fury Road,’” MacDonald said. “Now we’re yet connected nan crushed moving pinch nan support of High Park Entertainment and others. With nan unthinkable imaginative squad assembled, we person nan look for thing genuinely groundbreaking. My extremity is to bring everyone to nan very separator of their seats til nan very past frame, to push nan limits arsenic acold arsenic possible.”

“Out Come nan Wolves” will beryllium distributed by IFC Films and Shudder successful nan U.S., while levelFILM will merchandise nan movie successful Canada. The movie is slated for a precocious 2024 release.