Sunny Side of the Doc Reveals 2023 Pitch Projects |

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International documentary marketplace Sunny Side of nan Doc has revealed nan 42 projects from 23 different countries that dress up nan charismatic action for its 34th edition.

The projects will participate successful transportation sessions successful beforehand of much than 300 world decision-makers, including awesome broadcasters, streamers, foundations, distributors, buyers and different investors looking for stories pinch nan biggest impact.

This year’s telephone for projects received 320 responses from 56 different countries (compared to 275 successful 2022), 43% of which were led by female filmmakers. The pre-selection committee selected nan 42 astir inspiring and promising projects.

The Specialist Factual strand, which has a rate prize of €3,000 ($3,280), focuses connected nan topics Global Issues, Wildlife & Conservation, Science, History and Arts & Culture, while Focus of nan Year pinch a rate prize of €2,000 is complete 2 circumstantial pitching sessions: New Voices, Impact Campaigns.

Mathieu Bejot, head of strategy and improvement astatine Sunny Side of nan Doc, said: “We are delighted pinch nan number, value and diverseness of issues, themes and formats of nan projects submitted. The selected projects travel from 23 different countries and make america mobility awesome planetary issues, specified arsenic migration, women’s rights, disability, and of people nan effect of ambiance change, which are coming successful each documentary genres. Stories awesome and mini usage history and humour to situation our historic, technological and taste convictions by offering a diverseness of perspectives, peculiarly from a ample number of young board and caller voices. They purpose to shingle things up, arsenic evidenced by nan incredibly powerful projects projected for nan convention dedicated to effect campaigns.“

Over June 19-22, astatine La Rochelle, France, nan 42 selected projects will compete for nan Best Pitch Award successful each of nan 7 themed pitching sessions, sponsored by manufacture partners, including PBS, Blue Ant Media & Love Nature, RTBF, Al Jazeera Documentary & AJB Doc, Waterbear Network and CCTV9.

Explore nan 2023 projects here.