Sundance Film Festival Announces Dates and Opens Submissions for 2024 |

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It’s official: Sundance Film Festival 2024 is group to return spot in-person (and online) connected Jan. 18-28, returning to Park City, Utah to commemorate its 40th day of celebrating independent storytelling connected nan screen. Submissions are unfastened arsenic of May 11, pinch deadlines for information contingent upon task categories.

This year, Sundance was held in-person for nan first clip since 2020, bringing on pinch it a wide array of programming. The Grand Jury awarded prizes to films “A Thousand and One” successful nan U.S. Dramatic category, “Going to Mars: The Nikki Giovanni Project” (U.S. Documentary), “The Eternal Memory” (World Cinema Documentary), and “Scrapper” (World Cinema Dramatic).

“Kokomo City” won nan Next Innovator Award. The documentary explores nan lives of 4 Black transgender sex-workers arsenic they stock their stories done friendly and candid interviews.

Joana Vicente, CEO of Sundance Institute, said astatine this year’s festival, “The artists that comprise nan 2023 Sundance Film Festival person demonstrated a consciousness of urgency and dedication to excellence successful independent film. Today’s grant winners item our programs’ astir awesome achievements successful nan existent infinitesimal of cinematic arts. I dream you will subordinate maine successful congratulating our winners, arsenic good arsenic thanking each artists crossed sections for sharing their stories pinch nan Sundance community.”

From July 6-9, Sundance will bring a sensation of Park City to nan U.K. pinch nan 10th version of Sundance Film Festival: London. The show will footwear disconnected pinch this year’s World Cinema Grand Jury prize victor “Scrapper” by Charlotte Regan, and adjacent pinch A24’s “You Hurt My Feelings” starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Also featured successful nan London programme are Gregg Araki’s “Mysterious Skin” and nan newly-restored “Doom Generation.”