Sun Valley 2023 Guest List Includes Mark Zuckerberg, Ted Sarandos, Rupert Murdoch, Oprah and More |

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Gas up nan Learjets and break retired nan Moncler vests, it’s clip for firm chieftains to fto their hairsbreadth down, arsenic only nan 1 percent of nan 1 percent knows how.

Meta main Mark Zuckerberg, Warner Bros. Discovery honcho David Zaslav, Paramount Global chair Shari Redstone, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Apple caput Tim Cook, and MicroSoft laminitis Bill Gates are heading to Idaho successful July to be “summer campy for moguls,” known much formally arsenic Sun Valley. And Bob Iger, backmost connected nan throne astatine nan Walt Disney Company, will besides beryllium rubbing down successful nan edifice town. They’ll beryllium mixing and mingling pinch different media barons, Silicon Valley heavyweights and governmental players astatine nan yearly media finance retreat hosted by Allen & Co.

Among those getting tapped to break retired their Brooks Brothers casual are 2 erstwhile treasury secretaries, Lawrence Summers and Hank Paulson, 1 erstwhile Italian Prime Minister (Mario Draghi), and 1 erstwhile CIA main (David Petraeus. There’s besides an armada of finance giants specified arsenic Warren Buffett, erstwhile American Express main Kenneth Chenault, LinkedIn co-founder turned Greylock Partners exec Reid Hoffman, Annox Capital’s Bob Myeloid, and Facebook investor and Gawker slayer Peter Thiel.

Most members of nan property are kept roped disconnected from nan guests, who disregard their shouted questions, but secretly emotion being photographed stepping nan paths astir nan resort, confabbing pinch different masters of industry. But a fewer fortunate denizens of nan Fourth Estate do get a Golden Ticket (often they service arsenic moderators for nan off-the-record discussions). From nan world of media there’s New York Times columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin, CBS’s Gayle King and David Begnaud, CNN’s Van Jones and Erin Burnett, The Washington Post’s David Ignatius, The Free Press’ Bari Weiss, and Becky Quick, who co-hosts “Squawk Box” pinch Sorkin. And don’t hide Oprah Winfrey, who will lend her mega-watt prima powerfulness to nan event, should she determine to attend.

Netflix president Reed Hastings will apt make nan trip, on pinch Ted Sarandos and Greg Peters, who was appointed co-CEO of nan streamer this year. Other Hollywood and Silicon Valley powerfulness players see Casey Wasserman, whose sports trading and talent guidance institution Wasserman is adjacent to a woody to get Brillstein Entertainment Partners, and Bobby Kotick, who is still lobbying regulators to o.k. nan waste of Activision Blizzard to Microsoft for $69 cardinal successful cash. Satya Nadella, nan Microsoft CEO connected nan different extremity of those talks, is besides slated to attend.

They will return successful talks, bike, and sample barbecue on pinch CAA maestro Bryan Lourd, Oscar-winning shaper Brian Grazer, Battersea Entertainment’s Josh Berger, Jeffrey Kazenberg (recently named Biden run co-chair), and Dana Walden, nan co-chairman of Disney Entertainment.

Some accustomed suspects, specified arsenic Elon Musk, did not look connected nan induce list. Lachlan Murdoch is besides not named among nan invitees, though his father, Rupert Murdoch, is on pinch his ex-wife Wendi Deng Murdoch. And Jeff Shell, a acquainted beingness astatine Sun Valley, won’t beryllium location this time, having been dispatched from his station astatine NBCUniversal for failing to disclose an matter pinch a colleague.

Geo-politics is ever apical of mind for nan manufacture leaders who travel to Sun Valley. To that end, Amos Yadlin, erstwhile Israel Defense Forces military attaché to Washington, D.C., and caput of nan IDF Military Intelligence Directorate, has been invited, on pinch Yousef Al Otaiba, nan United Arab Emirates ambassador to nan United State, and Karim Sadjadpour, an Iranian-American policy analyst at the Carnegie Endowment. 

At a clip erstwhile artificial intelligence is simply a basking fastener rumor successful entertainment, Sam Altman,  CEO of OpenAI, will beryllium connected manus to section questions astir nan caller technology. Elsewhere, Hamdi Ulukaya, nan laminitis of yogurt shaper Chobani, and restauranteur and begetter of Shake Shack Danny Meyer, will people nan culinary options.

An induce to nan exclusive arena doesn’t needfully mean nan impermanent is making nan trek to Idaho. But those successful attendance are treated to lectures connected political, cultural, societal aliases economical topics. Sun Valley has been nan meet-cute spot down immoderate awesome media mergers, including Comcast’s acquisition of NBC/Universal, nan Washington Post’s waste to Jeff Bezos and Disney’s woody for ABC.

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