“Star Wars” To Adopt Bond Release Strategy?

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It’s Star Wars Day successful what has been 1 of nan busier years for nan franchise.

Hot connected nan heels of nan 3rd play of “The Mandalorian” and nan precocious released “Jedi: Survivor” game, nan franchise is group to proceed pinch 2 much bid connected nan way, pinch some “Ahsoka” and “Skeleton Crew” arriving later this year. In addition, nan 2nd play of “Visions” is now out.

Then location are nan different shows for illustration “The Acolyte” and a 2nd play of “Andor” successful production, and nan announcement of astatine slightest 3 caller movies successful nan works, including 1 already dated for 2025.

Speaking pinch Empire, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy says 1 correction they person nary volition of repeating arsenic they did successful nan precocious 2010s is to churn retired “Star Wars” films to meet a deadline. Rather, they scheme to adopt nan trading strategy of different long-running franchise:

“I’ve often brought up [James] Bond. That’s each 3 aliases 4 years, and location wasn’t this unit to consciousness for illustration you had to person a movie each year.

I consciousness that was very important to Star Wars. We person to eventise this. It’s overmuch amended to show nan truth that we’re going to make these movies erstwhile they’re fresh to beryllium made, and merchandise them erstwhile they’re fresh to beryllium released.”

The consequence are 3 films examining nan Jedi astatine very different points successful history, pinch nan ‘Mandoverse’ shows era being dubbed nan caller ‘present’ of nan series:

“What we’re exploring is nan improvement of nan Jedi. We’re going very acold back, we’re looking astatine nan present, and now we’re moving 15 years aft The Rise Of Skywalker.”

The second of nan three, which will spot Daisy Ridley return arsenic Rey, is nan movie targeting a 2025 motorboat and takes spot aft The First Order has fallen. Kennedy says: “The Jedi are successful chaos – there’s moreover a mobility of really galore beryllium anymore – and Rey’s building nan New Jedi Order, based connected nan matter that she was fixed and that Luke imparted connected her.”

Check retired this sixty-second tribute to nan franchise to observe “Star Wars” successful clip for May 4th.