“Star Wars: Jedi – Survivor” Reviews Are In

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The reviews are retired for “Star Wars: Jedi – Survivor” pinch nan title scoring an 86/100 connected PS5 and Xbox Series X and an 81/100 connected PC connected Metacritic.

That’s really amended than its predecessor “Star Wars: Jedi – Fallen Order” which snagged a 79/100 connected PS4 and 81/100 connected Xbox One backmost successful 2019.

Sadly nan progressively commonplace rumor of a caller AAA title’s PC type having a assortment of method issues has erstwhile again reared its caput present arsenic DSO Gaming indicates nan title has “major CPU and VRAM optimization issues connected PC”.

The outlet has a video showing gameplay that, moreover astatine 1440p. an RTX 4090 can’t support 50fps. They adhd that nan crippled has tremendous VRAM requirements pinch moreover a 3080Ti incapable to tally it astatine 4K.

The problems aren’t constricted wholly to PC pinch nan console version besides said to person issues. EA has already promised connected Twitter that nan crippled is successful statement for aggregate patches complete nan adjacent fewer weeks to amended nan game’s performance, hole bugs and adhd much accessibility features. The first spot arrives connected motorboat time crossed each platforms.

“Star Wars: Jedi – Survivor” releases connected console and PC this Friday.