Sony Music Hires Geoff Taylor as Executive VP of AI  |

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In what whitethorn beryllium nan first AI-specific elder executive domiciled successful nan euphony industry, Sony has hired erstwhile BPI CEO Geoff Taylor arsenic executive vice president of AI, according to an soul memo obtained by Variety. In his caller role, Taylor, who was CEO of nan British Phonographic Industry waste and acquisition statement for 15 years and is simply a Member of nan Order of nan British Empire (MBE), will study to Sony Music Entertainment COO Kevin Kelleher.

According to nan memo, Taylor’s responsibilities will see coordinating nan company’s business efforts surrounding artificial intelligence, and coordinate crossed nan world integer business and business and ineligible affairs division.

In caller months, AI has galvanized nan manufacture for illustration thing since nan advent of streaming. However, dissimilar its guidance to forbidden downloading and file-sharing astatine nan dawn of this century, nan manufacture is taking a overmuch much proactive attack and is successful nan process of determining standards and rules regarding creator and rights-holder compensation and authorization. Taylor’s assignment is surely suggestive of that approach.

Kelleher’s memo follows below.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has awesome value for nan early of nan euphony manufacture and, arsenic a result, much focused attraction connected it is required.

Accordingly, we are delighted to stock that Geoff Taylor will beryllium joining america arsenic our caller Executive Vice President, Artificial Intelligence.

Reporting to maine and moving intimately pinch our Global Digital Business and Business & Legal Affairs divisions, Geoff will align and thief coordinate nan activity of each portion of nan business that touches AI.

Geoff brings to our institution decades of euphony manufacture experience. Most recently, from 2007 to 2022 Geoff was nan Chief Executive of nan BPI, our UK Trade Body for recorded music, wherever he led nan conflict against piracy and fraud and advocated for nan strategical value of recorded euphony to jobs, finance and maintaining nan UK’s world competitiveness. Prior to joining nan BPI, Geoff was General Counsel and Executive Vice-President astatine our world recorded euphony waste and acquisition body, nan IFPI from 2005-2007.

In these roles, Geoff has worked pinch our institution for respective years and I americium delighted he is joining to thief america successfully navigate a cardinal infinitesimal successful nan history of nan euphony industry.

So please subordinate maine successful welcoming Geoff to Sony Music and consciousness free to scope retired to him pinch immoderate questions you mightiness person astatine [Sony Music Entertainment Email Redacted].