Sony, History Channel Alums Partner with Neuroscientist to Launch Science-Based Cognito Entertainment |

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A caller accumulation institution is connected nan ngo to bring weird subject to life done story.

Neuroscientist and Stanford professor Dr. David Eagleman has teamed up pinch producers Matt Tauber and Adam Fratto to motorboat Cognito Entertainment, an independent accumulation institution centered astir subject programming and films. The Los Angeles and Palo Alto-based institution has already begun moving connected scripted tv series, documentaries and literate adaptation.

“We are surviving successful an unparalleled infinitesimal of technological advancement,” said Eagleman. “From brains to abstraction to genetics, location are endless mind-blowing stories to share. In a world that sometimes seems upside-down, subject tin beryllium a root of awesome inspiration, wonder, and belief.”

In summation to his technological work, Eagleman is simply a best-selling author, Guggenheim chap and Emmy-nominated screenwriter.

In nan useful is an world movie adjustment of Grace Chan’s caller “Every Version of You,” a subject fabrication communicative astir a brace of lovers separated by nan metaverse and nan existent world. In addition, they are processing a six-part bid astir Renaissance intelligence Galileo Galilei. “Motorcycle Diaries” shaper Karen Tenkhoff wrote nan show and Jon Levin will executive produce.

Eagleman has besides created “The Invisible Enemy,” a docuseries exploring nan measurement germs, diseases and viruses person shaped civilizations passim history, hosted by Seema Yasmin.

Matt Tauber was antecedently nan vice president of improvement for Sony’s Short Drive Entertainment and co-executive shaper of “Project Blue Book.” Adam Fratto ran nan scripted section for nan History Channel and has produced tv bid for illustration “Cleverman” and “Haven.”