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Half an hr into “Songs About Fucking,” James Gallagher’s euphony documentary premiering astatine Tribeca connected Saturday, Marc Rebillet points nan microphone astatine a burly, bearded man opinionated successful nan beforehand statement of his performance and asks, “Sir, really are you?”

“I’m great,” says nan man, dressed successful only his underwear and a bathrobe. “I’m pregnant and it’s yours.”

“I didn’t expect you to beryllium here, if I’m being honest,” replies Rebillet, besides robe-clad, weighing his options. “You wanna travel up present and present this baby?” 

Rebillet past invites 3 women — 1 of them really carrying a kid — up onstage to assistance pinch nan procedure, earlier nan alleged pregnant man grabs nan mic and starts rapping complete a techno beat. Then, he sits down truthful Rebillet tin thrust himself from betwixt his legs — an infant, crying connected nan floor.

In nan world of Rebillet, a musician and capacity creator besides known arsenic “Loop Daddy,” this relationship is hardly retired of nan ordinary. In fact, it was wholly improvised, arsenic is nan remainder of Rebillet’s show.

When, successful September 2021, Rebillet embarked connected his Third Dose Tour — a reference to nan past recently disposable COVID booster changeable — he invited Gallagher, whom he’d met only once, to subordinate him connected nan road. So, for 46 days, Gallagher rode — without a movie unit — connected Rebillet’s circuit bus, capturing nan sex-fueled theatrics, small epiphanies and unbridled joyousness of unrecorded euphony aft lockdown.

“One of nan lessons I learned very early connected successful nan process is to enactment unfastened and salary attention,” Gallagher tells Variety, “because life ended up being a batch much absorbing than immoderate of my preconceived notions astir it.”

Below, nan filmmaker elaborates connected his narration pinch Rebillet, nan biggest challenges of shooting a movie by himself and what he’ll miss astir about circuit life.

What was nan astir challenging portion of being alone, without a crew?

All nan mini jobs. Of course, you person to sprout nan movie. And that’s hard. I was moving 3 different cameras, and making judge my sound is recorded connected its ain is really difficult. But what I recovered really exhausting was having to download each our footage astatine nan extremity of each night, which would return a mates hours aft nan boys went to bed. And erstwhile they had a time disconnected successful betwixt shows, that was erstwhile favourite moments from nan circuit would happen. So those days would really beryllium oftentimes much aggravated for me. When you person a camera connected your shoulder, nan world pulls you on and fills you pinch power successful a way, but it sewage particularly exhausting erstwhile I’d person to make judge nan batteries were charged astatine nan extremity of each nighttime aliases each mates of days find a FedEx successful a marque caller metropolis to nonstop nan footage backmost to nan adjunct editor. Oftentimes I’d beryllium stepping down a thoroughfare successful nan metropolis I’d ne'er been to earlier and conscionable burst into tears retired of sheer exhaustion.

How overmuch entree did Marc springiness you, and why was it important to see archival footage from his puerility and from his unrecorded streams?

Marc was a awesome collaborator. Across nan board, he trusted maine implicitly. On our past time of shooting, nan past question and reply mobility I asked him was, “What would you for illustration this movie to be?” And he said, “I want this movie to beryllium immoderate you spot successful it.” That was specified a sincere blessing for a filmmaker to person from an artist. I showed him a reasonably early trim of nan movie, and he had 27 notes — 25 of them were astir euphony timing, which is thing that, of course, he’s going to do a batch amended than maine aliases my editors. But he was open. It was a existent testament to nan relationship we built connected nan road.

Marc’s onstage persona is incredibly raunchy. Did thing astonishment you astir what he’s for illustration off-stage?

In truthful galore ways, there’s very small quality betwixt who he is onstage and who he is off-stage. I thought that mightiness beryllium 1 of nan evident narratives for nan documentary, arsenic you expect location to beryllium benignant of a hostility betwixt who they are publically and who they are privately. But Marc is fundamentally who he is onstage successful a batch of ways. He’s bigger onstage, but beyond nan grandeur of who he is arsenic a performer and nan raunch, truthful to speak, everything underneath that is really emotion and joke and compassion. And that was existent connected nan autobus too. I would opportunity nan bigger astonishment was really overmuch he was who he seemed to be, arsenic opposed to nan astonishment that he was personification different than that.

How does nan show being wholly improvised impact your filmmaking?

It affects nan filmmaking entirely. What helped maine a batch was I went successful pinch really strict rules astir really I’d sprout nan movie, really I’d usage different cameras successful different situations and what I wanted nan position of nan movie to be. Bizarrely, nan strength of nan rules I made for myself helped maine to make speedy decisions astir improvised moments. So, erstwhile you’re onstage and he’s each of a abrupt giving commencement to himself, you tin respond quickly and find an image you for illustration and an perspective that tells nan story.

Was it ever nan scheme to get Marc to unfastened up astir his dad?

I had ever planned to do that. In our very first meeting, which was only astir 2 hours long, earlier we went connected tour, he mentioned his dada and I thought, “Oh, this feels for illustration thing really cardinal to this guy.” I ever knew that was thing we’d want to talk about. I conscionable waited and waited and waited for nan correct moment. And that time successful Asheville, it felt for illustration location was a melancholy successful nan aerial arsenic nan circuit was coming to a close, and there’s a batch of emotion and trust. I was waiting for a small spot of encouragement from nan universe.

What was Marc’s guidance erstwhile he first saw nan film?

Stunned, I think. It’s an aggravated acquisition to watch thing that individual astir yourself. When I spell backmost and watch aged location videos, I find myself stunned by nan small boy I was, and often embarrassed. After Marc saw nan movie, he and I went for a agelong locomotion astir nan artifact and sat for a small while. He kept saying it was good, but I could show he was processing a lot. It was astir apt 1 successful nan morning, and he said, “I’m gonna spell home, will you nonstop maine a nexus to nan movie?” And he watched it again that night. I dream he’ll beryllium okay pinch maine sharing this, but he cried done astir of it, and recovered it to beryllium a really affectional acquisition to watch it again.

Marc says successful nan film, “We can’t beryllium trusted to cognize if thing we’ve made is bully aliases not,” a quote that stuck retired to me. Do you agree? 

It’s very difficult to woody successful creation objectively. My dream each clip I make thing is to definitive nan point arsenic truthfully for myself arsenic I can. If you effort to foretell whether different group are going to for illustration what you make, you will do a disservice to them and to yourself. It’s ever astir trying to beryllium arsenic honorable to nan first impulse — aliases possibly nan deepest impulse — of nan film. If you tin do that, there’s a bully chance different group will travel on for it. You hamstring yourself if you don’t spot that impulse — I don’t deliberation you person immoderate different choice.

What will you miss astir about being connected tour?

The boys. That awesome group of guys — our circuit head Matt, our photographer Shane, our merch head Taylor, and Marc. You unrecorded together connected this autobus and are forced to shape a small family. I made this movie without a crew, but successful truthful galore moments, nan boys helped retired successful 1 measurement aliases another. Taylor saved my life a number of times by moving nan mic to nan committee to grounds sound, aliases helping maine transportation nan gear. Bizarrely, nan biggest instruction I learned successful making a movie mostly unsocial is that you are ne'er wholly alone. We’re each strung together successful this cosmopolitan web.