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SPOILER ALERT: This communicative contains spoilers for “Outside,” nan play finale of “Silo” now streaming connected Apple TV+.

If nan Season 1 finale of Apple TV+’s “Silo” doesn’t nonstop group rushing to their section hardware shop to stockpile power tape, thing will.

In nan last moments of nan ambitious, world-building thriller, Juliette (Rebecca Ferguson) was banished from nan silo and sent retired to “clean,” conscionable arsenic Bernard (Tim Robbins) had threatened to do, because of her attempts to broadcast nan secrets connected nan elusive difficult drive. But dissimilar nan doomed lovers Allison (Rashida Jones) and Holston (David Oyelowo), who some died successful their respective turns cleaning earlier this season, Juliette makes it beyond nan ridge, acknowledgment to nan super-sealing power portion supplied by Walker (Harriet Walter). Who knew each that talk astir Juliette stealing nan power portion would beryllium nan lynchpin to nan full story?

But surviving agelong capable to ascend nan ridge presents a caller group of issues. First, Juliette learns nan video of bluish skies and greenish writer she’d seen connected nan difficult thrust –– nan 1 she and nan Flamekeepers thought proves nan world extracurricular nan silo isn’t a toxic wasteland –– was successful truth an illusion meant to springiness those sent retired to cleanable a blissful last image earlier nan toxic aerial seeps into their suit and they die.

The moreover bigger daze comes erstwhile nan camera zooms retired from Juliette’s locomotion to show nan silo she conscionable near is surrounded by dozens of different imaginable silos, meaning location could beryllium countless different subterranean communities that besides deliberation they are nan past 10,000 group connected Earth.

Fortunately, nan hold for answers won’t beryllium long, arsenic Apple has already greenlit Season 2, and accumulation is underway successful nan United Kingdom.

During a break connected set, Ferguson talked astir nan finale, and why she wants group to cognize Juliette ne'er resigns to her bleak circumstances by nan extremity of nan season.

“We ever clasp onto hope, and I don’t want group to consciousness that she lets spell of it,” Ferguson says. “That is what Juliette represents. It is that past breath, it is that past bloody push arsenic a rebel against everything.”

Looking up to Season 2, Ferguson shared pinch Variety the finale segment that ranks among her favorites, really it was to movie connected nan show’s tremendous practically built sets — and teases what small she tin astir what’s to travel connected nan show.

You’ve worked connected immoderate very large-scale films, 2 of which travel retired this twelvemonth –– “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning, Part 1” and “Dune Part 2.” But “Silo” has its ain monolithic standard pinch immense applicable sets. What has been for illustration to activity connected that standard successful episodic TV?

I didn’t cognize what to expect. I did a TV show a agelong clip agone called “The White Queen,” and nan sets were great. They were huge. But backmost then, TV was very different from what it is today. It’s going to sound for illustration I’m blowing fume up Apple’s ass for a moment, because I am. When I walked connected set, I realized really overmuch they put into this show. It’s love, but it’s besides care. They could greenish surface and bluish surface this, but they’re not. They built it. They are letting america create these full worlds. It is phenomenal, and for america actors, it is everything. I dislike moving pinch greenish surface and bluish screen, and I’ve been fortunate capable not to pinch “Dune” and “Mission: Impossible.” To locomotion into a world of TV shows that I thought weren’t going to beryllium nan standard that we person managed to create here, it blows my mind each day.

Whether it was an enactment of mercy aliases a powerfulness move earlier sending her retired to clean, Bernard brings Juliette into nan all-seeing surveillance room to show her a video that proves George (Ferdinand Kingsley) jumped to his decease successful bid to protect nan Flamekeepers and nan drive. Her crusade has been to avenge him — truthful what does that infinitesimal mean to her?

That is 1 of my favourite scenes, because she has lived successful this spot her full life, but stepping into that cleaning room she conscionable now realizes location is thing truthful horrendous and controlling down each these closed doors. It’s a constabulary authorities times 10. For maine acting-wise, it was specified an unraveling to beryllium capable to spot these screens and what they controlled. It is truthful abusive. Everything astir it is emotionally abusive and it hits her astatine that moment. And past to spot your loved 1 connected nan monitor. I deliberation it is connected specified a expansive scale. The narration pinch her mom being studied, her full childhood, nan trauma she has been done and past this. I wonderment sometimes…

[hesitates] No, I can’t. It’s excessively overmuch of a spoiler!

Speaking of each she’s been through, Bernard asks Juliette if she regrets becoming sheriff, and she quickly says she doesn’t. Do you judge her, fixed each that has happened and wherever she ended up?

I do, and I deliberation it was worthy it. In nan beginning, Juliette is simply a food retired of water, completely. Her astir comfortable surroundings are moving pinch her hands successful a noisy environment. She’s had truthful overmuch trauma successful her life with people dying and leaving her; her begetter not coming to find her; and it is each truthful fucking lonely, right? But past she is put successful this business wherever she gradually realizes this self-centered quality being that she benignant of is because of trauma, and tin commencement to go caring and nurturing.

She realizes it is not conscionable astir her. It affects nan full race, and her people and her people. But I deliberation what’s truthful beautiful astir this travel is that we are not location yet –– wherever she cares astir everyone. She conscionable grabs nan occupation that is offered, and she gives everything for it. But she doesn’t really cognize why yet. There are truthful galore mixed feelings successful her. It’s for illustration a vessel of potpourri. Is it her? Is that why she’s doing this? Is it George? Is it for her mom? She’s for illustration a young kid pinch a batch of emotions she hasn’t been capable to unravel and it’s truthful unpredictable.

And those emotions are surely scrambled moreover much arsenic each her people, including her begetter (Iain Glen), travel to opportunity goodbye earlier she is sent extracurricular to clean. Do you deliberation she ever resigns to her bleak circumstances?

We ever clasp onto hope, and I don’t want group to consciousness that she lets spell of it. That is what Juliette represents. It is that past breath, it is that past bloody push arsenic a rebel against everything.

When she is yet outside, she makes it further than anyone we person seen, acknowledgment to Walker’s tape. And she comes look to look pinch nan realization it is simply a desolate world aft all. But we spot location are what look for illustration different silos surrounding her own. What was your guidance to this revelation?

Well, I publication Hugh Howey’s books, and this is each portion of a travel — and it is simply a awesome ending to this portion of it. The accuracy of it each is beyond mind-blowingly shocking, isn’t it? What is further and what is beyond? All of these emotions and to beryllium capable to play pinch them is exciting. There’s really an interior detonation successful this world and it’s astir what Juliette does adjacent pinch that information.

Luckily, she has a satchel of other portion truthful she tin spell research what we saw successful those last moments.

Maybe! We’ll spot if it really was nan bully tape.

With Juliette virtually stepping into nan unknown, what tin you opportunity astir what’s to come?

What’s truthful astonishing is that we’ve already been greenlit for Season 2, and correct now we are diving into dissecting nan world of wherever we extremity Season 1. So that is simply a mobility I americium virtually moving to unravel correct now, and I americium really excited astir it. It is brilliantly written. The show gets darker. It doesn’t return a move from what we know. But it becomes darker and grittier.

This question and reply has been edited and condensed.