‘Shucked’ Co-Composer Brandy Clark on Musical’s Queer Representation: ‘If You Walk Out With Any Hate in Your Heart … You’re Probably a Descendant of Hitler’ | instastori.com

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‘Shucked’ co-composer Brandy Clark says nan eventual extremity of nan Tony-nominated philharmonic is to supply audiences pinch axenic joy. Mixed successful is besides a large serving of queer representation.

“I ever deliberation it’s difficult to dislike thing that you cognize and love, and it’s a batch easier to dislike thing that’s conscionable an thought aliases thing you’ve heard astir that you should beryllium frightened of,” Clark told maine during a telephone speech from nan Drama Desk Awards successful New York City, wherever she and co-composer Shane McAnally were presented pinch nan grant for outstanding music. “So I deliberation if you locomotion retired of ‘Shucked’ pinch immoderate dislike successful your heart, I don’t cognize if I tin thief you. You’re astir apt a descendant of Hitler.”

Clark and McAnally are queer, arsenic is nan shows book writer Robert Horn. “It was ever important to us,” Clark says of nan LGBTQ characters and themes. “But it conscionable grew exponentially arsenic we went done nan process.”

Brandy Clark and Shane McAnally astatine nan Broadway Premiere of “Shucked” held astatine Nederlander Theatre connected April 4, 2023 successful New York City. Nina Westervelt for Variety

Star Alex Newell and “Some Like It Hot” prima J. Harrison Ghee made history arsenic nan first non-binary actors to beryllium nominated for Tonys.

“Shucked” is up for 9 Tonys, including champion musical. “I didn’t deliberation we’d beryllium astatine nan Tonys,” Clark said. “I thought I mightiness beryllium successful nan crazy location pinch ‘Shucked’ astatine times. It was specified a journey. But you cognize what? It makes it each nan sweeter because location person been ups and downs. It makes each of it consciousness worthwhile now.”

No surprise, but talk of a movie aliases tv bid adjustment has been percolating. “The thought of america getting to do it is breathtaking because we emotion moving together truthful much,” Clark says. “It intends we get to proceed to activity connected ‘Shucked’ for a small longer.”

The Tonys will beryllium handed retired connected June 11, broadcasting connected CBS and streaming connected Paramount+. The Writers Guild of America has granted a onslaught waiver to nan show pinch nan committedness not to picket Broadway’s biggest nighttime of nan year.