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Marvel Studios’ six-episode “Secret Invasion” constricted bid offers an espionage thriller-style reside arsenic it follows a faction of shapeshifting Skrulls having been connected Earth for years.

Samuel L. Jackson reprises his domiciled arsenic Nick Fury successful nan series, who returns from his extended sojourn into outer abstraction and uncovers a conspiracy to instal shapeshifting Skrull double agents into positions of powerfulness astir nan world.

The movie serves arsenic thing of a spin-off follow-up to events successful 2019’s “Captain Marvel,” including nan return of Ben Mendelsohn arsenic Skrull leader Talos, on pinch dealing pinch immoderate of nan lingering issues that happened during ‘The Blip’.

In a caller question and reply pinch Empire (via Screen Rant), Jackson confirms nan bid will woody pinch a cardinal crippled astatine nan extremity of “Captain Marvel”. At that film’s extremity (set successful nan 1990s), Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel promised to find a caller location satellite for nan Skrulls.

Thirty years later, successful nan present-day MCU, that committedness has yet to beryllium fulfilled, and Jackson says pinch nan series: “We’re seeing what nan consequences of [what] that could be.” He besides says nan bid helps group up “The Marvels” movie opening later this year: “This bid has to hap truthful that The Marvels tin happen. All these things are connected successful an absorbing benignant of way.”

This each begs nan mobility arsenic to whether Larson’s characteristic will make a cameo appearance. To date, location person been nary indications of immoderate specified cameo. In addition, nan producers person gone retired of their measurement to constituent retired that tonally this is very different from not conscionable that movie but nan remainder of nan MCU, pinch a attraction connected darker big themes and a attraction connected applicable effects wherever possible.

Jackson has besides spoken astir 1 vexation he’s had pinch his domiciled – namely, nan character’s absences during cardinal events successful nan MCU, specified arsenic nan splitting of leader factions during “Captain America: Civil War”:

“Sometimes it’s nan absence of Nick Fury that’s difficult for me… I was trying to fig retired wherever I was during ‘Civil War,’ erstwhile nan kids were fighting, and I wasn’t location to say, ‘Everybody spell to your room.’ Where was I during ‘Endgame?’ It’s harder for maine not to beryllium there, than beryllium there.”

Larson’s Carol Danvers will return later this twelvemonth successful “The Marvels,” which hits cinemas successful November. “Secret Invasion” premieres connected nan Disney+ work connected June 21st.