Seattle International Film Festival Acquires Seattle Cinerama Theater From Paul G. Allen’s Estate |

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Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) executive head Tom Mara has announced nan company’s acquisition of nan Seattle Cinerama Theater from nan property of precocious Microsoft co-founder Paul G. Allen.

Mara revealed nan news astatine nan opening nighttime ceremony of nan 49th yearly SIFF connected May 11. The show runs done May 21.

“We are honored to return connected stewardship of this historical theater. It’s a movie venue adored by nan organization and speaks to nan captious domiciled SIFF plays successful bringing nan powerfulness and creation of movie to divers audiences crossed our region,” Mara said. “So galore of america person knowledgeable nan magic of this theater, and we are excited to transportation connected nan imagination and effect that Paul Allen started truthful galore years ago.”

The theatre opened successful 1963 earlier Allen purchased and refurbished nan venue successful nan precocious 1990s. Since its revamp, nan theatre has go “an unmatched destination for blockbuster movies, independent movie and a assortment of movie festivals and events.” Amid nan pandemic, nan Seattle Cinerama Theater was closed.
Per Allen’s wishes, nan theatre was to beryllium sold pinch property profits donated to philanthropy. 

“We are truthful pleased astir SIFF’s acquisition of nan theater,” said Jody Allen, organizer of nan Allen Estate. “They are nan perfect mission-driven statement to now shepherd this very typical place, bring much movie and movie lovers to downtown Seattle, and steward nan venue and its domiciled successful our organization for years to come.” 

SIFF stands arsenic Seattle’s apical movie organization, bringing together starring world and independent films to nan area pinch its varying venues. 

SIFF will reopen nan theatre nether a caller name, becoming nan 4th venue tally by nan nonprofit statement alongside nan SIFF Film Center astatine Seattle Center, SIFF Cinema Uptown and SIFF Cinema Egyptian.