Scott Schinder, Veteran Music Writer, Dies at 61 |

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Veteran euphony writer Scott Schinder, who wrote for virtually each awesome euphony publication complete nan people of a three-decade-plus-long career, has died, his longtime friend Randy Haecker confirms to Variety.

Schinder’s activity tin beryllium publication successful Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, Billboard, Time Out New York, nan Austin Chronicle, Please Kill Me, Creem, Musician, Newsday, Stereophile, Musician, Tower Pulse, New Musical Express, Melody Maker, Texas Music and SXSWorld and astir apt galore others. No origin of decease has been announced; he was 61.

Schinder was a autochthonal of Long Island and a longtime New York resident, wherever he was a ubiquitous beingness connected nan city’s euphony scene, where, opening successful nan 1980s, he could beryllium recovered astir nights of nan week astatine CBGB, nan Irving Plaza, Maxwells, Under Acme, Brownies and aggregate different venues of nan era — indeed, nan photograph connected his author page astatine Please Kill Me could person been taken astatine 1 of dozens of different venues successful nan metropolis connected immoderate of a mates 1000 evenings (it was really taken astatine CBGB circa early 1990s).

He had a longstanding affection for Austin, Texas — attending nan first South by Southwest show location successful 1987 and a mostly of nan ones that followed — and moved to nan metropolis successful 2011. Intensely private, he shared fewer specifications astir his unwellness moreover pinch his closest friends; accusation connected survivors and ceremonial specifications was not instantly available.

Along pinch nan supra listed publications, he wrote liner notes for dozens of albums and contributed to aggregate books including Rolling Stone publications, titles specified arsenic “Icons of Rock” and each six editions of nan Trouser Press Record Guide.