Samsung's T7 Shield SSD hits new low of $75 in storage sale

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Samsung's 1TB T7 Shield SSD not only offers coagulated read/write speeds but has a rugged exterior that helps it withstand drops, h2o and dust. It's now connected waste for a record debased value of $75, offering important savings complete nan original $160 value tag. It's portion of a Samsung retention sale that besides characteristic nan 980 Pro SSD 2TB thrust down to conscionable $140 ($20 off) and nan 256GB EVO Select microSD representation paper connected waste for $18 ($22 off). 

While location are plentifulness of portable SSDs retired there, nan T7 Shield's declare to fame is nan durable design. It tin past up to a 9.8-foot drop, and nan IP65-rated chassis resists particulate and h2o while offering a rubberized grip to enactment successful your hands. That makes it a coagulated prime for contented creators and others that are perpetually transferring information successful nan section and throwing drives into their bags.

While it's not nan fastest exemplary retired there, nan T7 Shield thrust tin deed 1,050MB/s and 1,000MB/s read/write speeds, respectively. That's much than accelerated capable to backmost up astir representation cards, and nan bid of mind from nan hardened creation could beryllium worthy immoderate tradeoffs.

Samsung besides has deals connected representation cards and NVMe SSDs. A mates of notable deals are nan 980 Pro 2TB NVMe Gen 4 SSD priced astatine $140, for a savings of 13 percent. You tin besides drawback nan 256GB EVO Select microSD representation paper + adapter for conscionable $18 and prevention $22.