Rosario Dawson, Sam Adegoke Join Cast of Talia Lugacy’s ‘Dark Days & the Dawn’ (EXCLUSIVE) |

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Rosario Dawson and Sam Adegoke person joined nan formed of “Dark Days & nan Dawn,” nan latest movie from “This Is Not a War Story” head Talia Lugacy.

“Dark Days & nan Dawn” unfolds complete nan people of 1 nighttime and into daybreak, arsenic Maria Del Sol (Dawson) and Samuel (Adegoke), a mates who person been together for 4 100 and sixty years, deed their breaking point. Lugacy and Kamau Ware collaborated connected nan genre bending book for “Dark Days & nan Dawn,” penning characters written specifically for Dawson and Adegoke to portray.

Lugacy produces nether her Acoustic Pictures banner, alongside Noah Lang for Witchcraft Motion Picture Company, and Ware for Kamau Studios. Cassian Elwes and Tom Culliver executive nutrient for Elevated Films. The movie will sprout successful Savanah, Georgia later this year.

Dawson’s credits see “Death Proof,” “Top Five” and nan upcoming Star Wars series, “Ahsoka,” for Disney+. Adegoke is champion known for playing Jeff Colby in nan reboot of “Dynasty” for nan CW.

Lugacy, Dawson, Adegoke, and Lang reunite, having antecedently collaborated on “This Is Not a War Story,” which was acquired by HBO Max and nominated for nan John Cassavetes Award astatine nan 2022 Independent Spirit Awards. Lugacy and Dawson also antecedently collaborated on “Descent,” which was a New York Times “Critic’s Pick” and premiered astatine nan 2007 Tribeca Festival.

“Talia and I person been collaborators and friends for astir 2 decades astatine this point. ‘Dark Days & nan Dawn’ in galore ways has been a agelong clip coming,” Dawson said successful a statement. “It’s a meditation connected this fractured moment, that is anchored by capacity and ocular style. I can’t hold to get started.”

Adds Adegoke, “I count ‘This Is Not a War Story’ as 1 of nan astir impactful experiences of my life some arsenic an character and connected a individual level. When Talia told maine she wanted to activity hand-in-hand processing this movie together, I didn’t hesitate for moreover a second. Our communal spot is unwavering and I judge this is conscionable a 2nd measurement successful a agelong roadworthy of collaboration together.”

“I person to create from a individual spot and make activity pinch thing to opportunity and an urgent request to opportunity it,” Lugacy said. “‘Dark Days & nan Dawn’ is a fever dream of performance, ocular connection and hallucinatory ambiance pinch a beating bosom ne'er much applicable than correct now. Co-writing pinch Kamau has been among nan astir gratifying experiences of my life and knowing what we intend to execute by making this movie fills maine pinch determination and nan champion benignant of impatience.”

The task was antecedently a recipient of a assistance from WarnerMedia’s OneFifty, who collaborated pinch nan filmmakers connected nan distribution of “This Is Not a War Story.”

Dawson is represented by CAA and Untitled, Adegoke by A3 and Untitled, and Lugacy by Untitled.